Top Mach Studios F-22A

Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios F-22A
The F-22A is a single-seat, twin-engine, all-weather stealth tactical fighter aircraft developed exclusively for the United States Air Force (USAF). Known around the world for its unique shape, remarkable tactical supermanoeuvring and supersonic cruise capabilities, and its devastating ability to dominate adversary aircraft, the F-22A is the world’s most capable operational fifth generation air superiority fighter.

The world’s most advanced operational air superiority / air dominance fighter presents a challenge for any flight simulation developer. A passion project of ours, the Top Mach Studios team has dedicated over two years of research and development to the development of this model for Microsoft Flight Simulator and in doing so we have pushed the limits of what is possible in the sim. We are proud to present this highly capable, highly detailed and highly functional replica of the F-22A to the MSFS community. You’ll find this aircraft model, our first effort to produce a premium quality aircraft for flight simulation, to be an absolute thrill and a true joy to fly in MSFS.  We hope you’ll have at least as much fun flying the Raptor as much as we’ve had making it.

We can say with certainty that nothing available for MSFS flies like this aircraft model or can perform the manoeuvres it is capable of. We’re confident it will provide sim pilots of all abilities a variety of piloting challenges for many hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

Model features and capabilities

Much about the F-22A is still classified; even basic details about the cockpit layout, instrumentation and screens is still protected as United States Government secret information and privileged only to those with appropriate clearances. We’ve done our best, utilising publicly available images, videos, graphics, statements by the USAF, pilots and engineers, and publicly known specifications, to replicate what we know about the F-22A. However, regardless of any inaccuracies or omissions, we’ve rendered a highly capable and entertaining, and very realistic feeling model of the F-22A on the basis of the information available to us.

See the Detailed Description below is for all the aircraft features and you can download the manual here.

Custom-programmed simulated fly-by-wire control system for virtually carefree flight control

  • Auto-trim / pitch control
  • G-limiter
  • Roll rate limiter
  • Yaw limiter
  • Synthesised thrust vectoring performance and pitch manoeuvrability with smooth control responses up to 90 degrees angle of attack, and controllability at 20 knots or less without stall roll-off effects
  • Use of new computational fluid dynamics modelling for improved aerodynamic responses
  • Highly resistant to departure from controlled flight throughout the flight envelope
  • Precision, stable high altitude flight control to 60,000 feet and above
  • Take-off/Approach mode (landing gear down) ensures more docile control for virtually effortless handling during take-off and landing approaches
  • Custom-modelled autoflap system
  • Accurately modelled take-off, approach and landing speeds
  • Low speed / high alpha aerobatic manoeuvres possible; J-turns, pedal turns, power loop etc.

Highly detailed fully custom 3D cockpit modelling with:

  • Highly detailed modelling and texturing of cockpit, control panel and ICP/HUD module
  • Detailed ejection seat model
  • Highly detailed Head-Up Display (HUD) based on Air Force specifications and real world F-22A primary HUD navigation mode display
  • Fully functional SMFDs and PMFD (using fully customised instrumentation suite) including moving map, customised traffic display, fuel menu, stores management etc.
  • Fully functional and customised ICP module with many features and functions
  • Canopy interior reflections and rain effects
  • Most buttons, knobs and switches are animated and many are functional
  • Full suite of essential autopilot and navigation controls
  • Functional engine management controls in SMFDs and in cockpit
  • Full cockpit lighting and HUD lighting controls including normal lighting and simulated night vision goggle compatible lighting colour
  • Customised airspeed and angle-of-attack gauges (to correct default game inaccuracies)
  • Numerous additional customised screens and gauges with CAS messages and alerting system
  • 'Hidden' G3000 navigation screen included to allow in-flight flight planning and course changes

Detailed custom 3D exterior model

  • Highly detailed 3D exterior model
  • Detailed, highly accurate custom texturing including metallic, semi-metallic and non-metallic surface texturing effects
  • Animation and conditional animation sequences for all flight control
  • Detailed and fully animated landing gear and extension/retraction sequence with accurate movement sequences and timing
  • Weapon bay door animations and missile rail animations
  • Optional stores configuration available to simulate loading, placement and display of 6 x AIM 120D and 2 x Aim 9X missiles (non-MSFS Marketplace version only)
  • Optionally displayed, detailed drop tank models to simulate 2 x 600 gallon external fuel loads
  • Custom dynamic visual effects including condensation and g-vapour effects, afterburner flame and lighting effects, engine starter flame/smoke and others
  • Cold and dark visual modelling features (boarding ladder, remove before flight tags etc.) that are user controlled
  • Thrust vectoring animations with animated afterburner flame effect
  • Pilot figure (can be optionally displayed when aircraft is cold/dark)
  • Custom canopy reflections and tinting
  • Full exterior lighting systems include custom landing and taxi lighting, electroluminescent formation lighting, navigation lights and beacons, all modeled after the actual aircraft, with correct lighting positions and timing
  • Three detailed liveries (Langley, Hickam and Elmendorf)

Engine and performance modelling based on USAF specifications

  • Accurate weight and fuel quantities (includes additional fuel to simulate 2 x 600 gallon ferry drop tanks)
  • Engine model tuned to realistic specifications for thrust and performance
  • Modelled fuel consumption in line with real world specifications in both dry and afterburning thrust
  • Drag and lift model tuned to estimated specifications
  • Mach 2.4+ maximum speed (will reach or exceed Mach 2.6) at optimum altitude
  • Mach 1.7+ supercruise capability at optimum altitude
  • Supersonic climb to high altitude
  • Incredible acceleration rates at maximum throttle
  • Supersonic capability up to 60,000 feet and above
  • Service ceiling modelled to approx. 70,000 feet
  • Accurate fuel consumption and maximum range at all altitudes (not based on the default sim turbine model, but customised to improve accuracy of turbine fuel consumption and thrust)

Other features and included items

  • VR headset compatible
  • User manual with essential 'how to' guide and a guide to performing aerobatic manoeuvres seen performed by real-life Raptor Demo Team demonstrations
  • A 'No-FBW' model compatible with keyboard-only use and non-standardised control input devices. A completely separate flight physics model based on the native Asobo FBW module, but performs nearly as well as the standard model.
  • Three custom liveries with markings for real-world aircraft from Elmendorf AFB in Alaska, Langley AFB in Virginia, and Hickam AFB in Hawaii. More liveries will be developed and posted for free and/or included in subsequent updates.
  • Custom sound set using real world F-22A sound samples, custom sounds and use of native SuperHornet sounds for specific effects
  • Commitment by the developers to provide a variety of future improvements and upgrades to the model based on community feedback


This product is not endorsed by, nor supported by, the Lockheed Martin Corporation or its affiliates, or by the United States Air Force or the Government of the United States of America.

Check out the Top Mach Studios website for more details and information about ongoing development activities.

System Requirements:

Minimum hardware recommendations

This F-22A model has high-detail modelling and textures as well as complex customised flight control and instrumentation coding that may not function correctly without sufficient computing resources. We highly recommend minimum system specifications that meet or exceed the following:

  • CPU: 3.2GHz quad core processor or better
  • GPU: At least 6GB dedicated video memory, nVidia 1060 GTX or AMD RX 580 or better recommended
  • RAM: 16.0GB minimum
  • Hard Disk: 2.8GB minimum hard disk space required for installation
A dedicated control input device such as a joystick, yoke, or HOTAS-type control device, ideally with dedicated rudder controls, or alternatively an Xbox-type compatible controller is required for the standard or primary flight model. There is no keyboard-only support for the primary model, however there is a fully functional back-up flight model included, identical in every way, called the No-FBW model, which does support keyboard control, but has somewhat reduced handling capabilities at the limits of the flight envelope compared to the standard model.
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Top Mach Studios F-22A Top Mach Studios' VR-ready F-22A 'Raptor' for MSFS features a highly detailed 3D cockpit with custom-programmed fly-by-wire control system, fully functional SMFDs and PMFD, custom ICP module, full suite of essential autopilot and navigation controls, HUD and 'hidden' G3000 navigation screen.

Three paint schemes are included and other features include optional drop tank models, impressive cockpit and exterior lighting, custom dynamic visual effects and engine and performance modelling based on USAF specifications.

Download size: 1.1GB

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