Commercial & Educational Use

PC-based flight simulators are now a fully integrated and respected aspect of many flight training programmes; as well as being used as an aid in aircraft design and even for promotional and leisure purposes.

Just Flight and Just Trains software is used professionally by training organisations, educational bodies, manufacturers and the military, as well by leisure businesses offering simulation experiences.

Commercial or educational use of our software is restricted by our EULA (End User Licence Agreement) and if you wish to use any of our flight or train products in connection with your business, charity or educational body you need to obtain a commercial licence.

There are three main types of licence:


    In this case the software is loaded on to a single machine but may be used by more than one person in your organisation. The software can’t be loaded on to a network for use by multiple users and you can’t charge anyone directly to use it. Typically, the cost for a single use licence starts at £799 + VAT, depending on the product licensed.


    This is the most commonly used licence. In this case, the software may be loaded on to a specified number of machines or a network with a declared number of users. It is limited to use within the organisation or by the organisation’s customers. You cannot charge anyone directly to use it.


    With a full licence, the licensee can install the software on as many machines or systems as they wish and charge end users for bespoke systems that have it pre-installed; or charge on a ‘pay to play’ basis.

We are open to discuss other types of licence – such as MIT licences – just drop us a line with your requirements and we will be able to provide a tailored quote.

If you would like to obtain a licence to use Just Flight or Just Trains software, or have any enquires about commercial use, please contact us via