SibWings SAAB 91 Safir

Compatibility: Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004
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At first glance the name of this unique aircraft may not grab your attention, but once you have sampled the extremely high quality of modelling you will be totally smitten by this outstanding aircraft! The SibWings SAAB Safir (Sapphire) is a truly exquisite diamond of craftsmanship for both Flight Simulator X and FS2004.

The team at SibWings Lab has lovingly re-created this unique Swedish aircraft in exacting detail, all the way from the unique fuselage shape through to the distinctive liveries and the beautifully rendered and detailed Virtual cockpit. The Safir is supplied with a very comprehensive PDF manual.
The Safir is supplied in four very different liveries, both military and civilian. The virtual cockpit is a work of art, and the detail and animations throughout the aircraft are amazing. Each of the four models has a dedicated custom virtual cockpit, and pilots will feel so at home in the VC that no 2D panel is included.

If you want to experience a unique aircraft and are a connoisseur of the very highest quality flight sim aircraft, then step in to the Safir!


This package includes four versions of the Safir, specially designed for FSX or FS2004, and absolutely identical to the real aircraft. All were created with the help of their owners.

  • 91B: Swedish Air Force
  • 91C: Swedish Air Force livery in civilian ownership
  • 91D: Finnish Air Force
  • 91D with three-blade propeller: Swiss civilian


  • Swedish Air Force '46' yellow livery
  • Swedish Air Force camouflage with civilian registration SE-KVZ
  • White and red Swiss civilian HB-DBL
  • Finnish Air Force 'SF-3' silver and dayglo livery

Features overview

  • FSX users will see the advanced features such as bump, reflection and specular mapping, dynamic self shadows and advanced animations. Even the engine and exhaust pipes shake! The pilot vanishes on engine shut-down and the elevator control and surfaces 'relax' down.
  • Highly detailed and fully animated exterior and interior models
  • Highly functional VC and fully animated moving parts: everything that should move does move, even the sun blinds in the cabin roof can be operated!
  • High-fidelity custom sound set - engine and VC sounds have been recorded from the real Safir aircraft.
  • Additional camera views in the virtual cockpit for FSX users
  • Top quality internal and external textures
  • Transparent windows and window reflections
  • Fully modelled 3D pilot figure with animations of head, and arms in the external view
  • Detailed items are modelled - antennas, chocks, fuel caps, baggage area, wheel chocks and 'Remove before flight' tags.
  • Very extensive PDF user guide

Panel and VC features

  • Four very high quality virtual cockpits - each model has its own dedicated VC
  • Fully animated moving parts in the VC - everything that should move does!
  • Ultra-smooth gauges based on 3D parts animation
  • 100% realistic night light panel with a four-step highlight adjustment
  • Built-in Zoom Gauges and digital read-out features
  • FSX users will appreciate the additional camera views in the virtual cockpit


These are just some of the animated features - there are too many animations in the cockpit to list!

  • Elevators
  • Rudder
  • Flaps
  • Doors
  • Rotating wheels
  • Sun blinds
  • Cowl flaps

Flight Dynamics (FDE)

Realistic aircraft performance based on real-world aircraft information and Safir pilot testing of the models.

"Without a doubt this is a superior product. You feel that every aspect has come under close scrutiny and has been modelled as close to perfect as is possible. In this aircraft you effectively get 4 aircraft each with its own characteristics and personality!" Mutley's Hangar

"Brilliant aircraft"

"Modeling is excellent, along with paint jobs and textures... Animated pilot moves realistically and even looks human!... Beautiful cockpit and interior... An excellent flight model"

"Simply put, this is one of the best add-ons I have ever flown" (Gold Star award)

"It’s light on the frames and it’s well done, internally and externally. A winner among its peers"

"Such an amazing virtual cockpit and individual handling demands your attention... If all planes came out with such quality, detail and testing the flight sim world would be an even more satisfying place... This is a classic"

"The attention to detail is simply outstanding. Effectively you are getting four aircraft as each version has its own appearance and flight dynamics modelled in depth... it really is a stunning and exquisitely detailed model... I honestly believe this must be one of the best add-on general aviation or vintage aircraft ever developed for FS 2004" Sim Pilot magazine

"Both variants offer state-of-the-art features, marvellous detail, and are fun to fly... The internal night lighting has been very nicely done indeed... The visual modelling is just top notch... Some clever animations... It will certainly become one of my favourite GA add-ons - be it in FS2004 or FSX!" PC Pilot

"Dripping with eye candy and wondrous aesthetic gloss... The attention to detail is awesome, as is the flight model – in other words an essential add-on... Audio and visual nirvana... The little details have the wow factor... The Safir is a heavyweight add-on with more tricks up its sleeve than Harry Houdini... A Scandinavian beauty whose photorealistic looks and hidden secrets make it an FSX bombshell" Aircraft Illustrated (5/5 - Flight Sim of The Month, May 2009)

"The Safir package offers state-of-the-art features, marvellous detail and whether you want to fly circuits or tour the country, it is simply fun to fly day or night!" PC Pilot Essential Guide to GA Aircraft

System Requirements:

  • Flight Simulator X with SP2 or Acceleration / FS2004
  • 2.0GHz PC
  • 2048Mb RAM for FSX, 512Mb Ram for FS2004
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP with SP3 / Vista
  • 3D graphics card: 256Mb for FSX with DirectX 9.0 or later drivers, 64Mb for FS2004 with DirectX 8.0
  • Hard drive space: 400Mb for FSX, 200Mb for FS2004
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Packshot for SibWings SAAB 91 Safir If you want to experience a unique aircraft and consider yourself a connoisseur of the very highest quality planes, then step in to the Safir - this really is an exquisitely crafted gem for both FSX and FS2004!

This unique Swedish aircraft has been developed to an exacting level of detail, from the distinctive liveries to the beautifully rendered virtual cockpit and amazing animations.

Download size: 154 Mb

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