Immersive Audio - MD-80 Pro Cockpit Sound Immersion

Compatibility: X-Plane 11
Immersive Audio - MD-80 Pro Cockpit Sound Immersion Immersive Audio - MD-80 Pro Cockpit Sound Immersion
Thanks to Rotate and their exceptional rendition of the aircraft, we were able to develop a sound pack that will let you enjoy the MD-80 Pro to the fullest. The plan from the start was to provide unparalleled sound quality. Beside the authenticity of cockpit ambiance, we were really focused on acoustics and sound layering. During the development we used special audio mixing techniques, so we can be sure that most of the sounds will be clear in all phases of flight.

Also, we received extensive feedback from real MD-80 airline pilots and mechanics regarding important sound details.

All sounds are recorded in the real MD-82 cockpit, carefully processed and extensively tested to provide the highest possible sound quality, realism, authenticity and immersion.

This product will be regularly updated in the future if necessary.

All sounds are true STEREO, and recorded at highest 48000 kHz, 24-bit quality.

  • 144 sound files included. All sounds are replaced!
  • Authentic battery, standby instruments, rack fan and packs
  • Authentic bus relay
  • Various warnings - take-off config, stall, engine fire, AP disconnect, altitude warnings, and many more
  • High quality GPWS callouts and warnings, full TCAS
  • Realistic nose gear ground rolls, touchdown and retraction sounds
  • Fully authentic nose gear airflow
  • Wind noise
  • Flap turbulence rumble and cockpit rattle
  • High quality switches, buttons and levers
  • High quality and true-to-life representation of JTD8D engine sounds
  • Internal engine sounds include 'Immersive' and 'Authentic' versions with various volume level variants
  • Tyre skid vibration and rattle

System Requirements:

  • X-Plane 11
  • Rotate MD-80 Pro
  • Windows, Mac or Linux
  • 4 GB VRAM minimum (8GB+ recommended)
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Immersive Audio - MD-80 Pro Cockpit Sound Immersion Immersive Audio's sound pack upgrade for the Rotate MD-80 provides 144 24-bit stereo sound files to replace all the default sounds, with the option of 'Immersive' and 'Authentic' volume level options for the internal JTD8D engine sounds.

Sound files are included for battery, standby instruments, rack fans and packs, GPWS call-outs and warnings, TCAS, various warnings, tyre skid vibration and rattle, wind noise, nose gear airflow, switches, buttons and levers - and many more!

Download size: 121MB

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