Ideal Flight

Compatibility: Flight Simulator X
Ideal Flight (Download) Ideal Flight (Download) Ideal Flight (Download) Ideal Flight (Download) Ideal Flight (Download) Ideal Flight (Download) Ideal Flight (Download) Ideal Flight (Download) Ideal Flight (Download) Ideal Flight (Download)
Where will you fly next?
That decision is made easy with Flight 1's latest utility. Generate random flights or continue from where you left any aircraft parked, at the click of a button.
If you're tired of flying the same flights or not sure where to fly next in FSX, bring the excitement back into your flying and generate random but highly realistic flights at the click of a button. Ideal Flight creates exciting flights to your own criteria - be it a half-hour hop to the next airfield or an epic transatlantic non-stop challenge.
Ideal Flight automatically prepares a 'logical' next flight for your aircraft, either carrying on from where it was last parked, or generating a random flight to match your preset criteria. Ideal Flight launches FSX complete with aircraft set-up, enhanced flight plan, payload, fuel, and a comprehensive flight briefing. The route can be from the current location to any FSX location within a preferred flight time or distance, or even to and from your favourite airports.
The Ideal Flight global weather simulation updates the weather wherever the aircraft flies, including jet streams and thermals. Your flight will be launched and monitored for how well you fly. On completion, the flight will be assessed for smooth operation, and points can be awarded for satisfactory handling of the aircraft and systems, with the results logged against your 'career'

  • Automatic flight planning
  • Compatible with any default FSX or third-party add-on aircraft and scenery
  • Multiple Profiles
  • Career progression and pilot awards
  • Enhanced route builder
  • Sophisticated flight generator
  • Comprehensive HTML briefing
  • Enhanced float plane, helicopter, and glider support
  • Fly to and from any location in FSX
  • Routes and Missions
  • Flight, Save Game, and Tower View launcher
  • Seamless global weather simulation with thermals and ridge lift
  • Enhanced in-flight Save, Load, and Advance Time menu
  • Complete flight assessment and records log
  • Aircraft properties flight planner set-up
  • Cold and Dark set-up
  • Aircraft cockpit and camera set-up
  • Weather set-up
  • Flight records library
  • Parked aircraft library
  • World map search facility
  • Scoreboard with non-player characters
  • Help HTML documentation
  • Replaceable screen background images
  • Near zero impact on flight simulator frame rate
  • Full program install and removal functionality
  • Include any FSX compatible add-on aircraft, and airport
  • Drag and drop BMP files to change interface graphics
  • Drag and drop any flight plan on interface to load a flight
  • Works with any flight file or flight plan

Try the demo of Flight 1's unique flight planning utility!

   Filesize: 8MB

System Requirements:

  • FSX (FSX SP2 or Acceleration required)
  • 2GHz PC or any Dual Core 
  • 2GB RAM
  • 256MB graphics card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista 
  • 30MB hard drive space
  • Internet activation required
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Earn up to 130 points.

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Ideal Flight (Download)
If you're not sure where to fly next, Ideal Flight will generate a 'logical' next flight for you according to the criteria you set, such as flight duration, favourite routes, aircraft and airports.
The Ideal Flight global weather simulation updates the weather where you are flying, and you'll also get a comprehensive pre-flight briefing and a post-flight assessment with results logged against your 'career'.

Download size: 6MB (learn about downloads)

In Stock
Earn up to 130 points.