Helgoland FSX v2.0

Compatibility: Flight Simulator X, FSX: Steam Edition
Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0 Helgoland FSX v2.0
Since 'Helgoland X' has grown older but is still a popular destination, we decided to create a worthy up-to-date successor – this is 'Helgoland FSX V2.0'. This new add-on promises an even higher level of detail and countless new and exciting options. Large parts of the scenery were created from scratch.

Forces of nature have reshaped the East coast of the 'Düne'. RWY 21 has previously been blocked by a high sand dune that is now entirely gone. While approaches have got a bit easier here, the southern end of the airport is now a place where waves break around the southern tip of the runway. Ten years ago this was surrounded by a large beach and construction teams are hard at work to prevent further loss of sediments.

In the wake of 'green energy' Helgoland is currently becoming an important maintenance hub for nearby offshore wind parks. The existing military SAR base has been extended by an offshore maintenance helipad with its own hangar, and from here you can fly your chopper to transformer stations out in the sea. All of them have their own helipad and make for a thrilling approach when the waves are high.


  • Extremely detailed scenery
  • 1 metre resolution mesh (so you see the smallest dunes near the airport)
  • Very good performance
  • Animated sea gulls (better not hit those!)
  • Sounds linked to scenery objects (waves, birds, ships and even the sounds of the church bells at noon)
  • Extensive shipping traffic (on shipping routes, ferries and traffic to the wind parks)
  • Helgoland-Düne airfield (with extremely short runway)
  • German Navy SAR helicopter base (start of your rescue mission)
  • Mittelplatte oil rig
  • German Navy frigate (moving and landable)
  • Detailed aerial images
  • Missions
New features in this version

  • Entirely updated Düne island layout:
     - New image material, improved resolution
     - Runways and apron with high-resolution textures (~5cm/pix)
     - Improved rain effects
     - Updated airport buildings with restaurant terrace and transparent tower windows
     - OLT hangar on its correct position plus some smaller corrections
     - Thousands of vegetation objects and vegetation on dunes added
     - Hundreds of beach chairs added
     - New bungalow settlement added
     - Seals on the beaches added
     - ATC functionality added
  • Updated island cliffs with more realistic textures
  • Updated aerial imagery to match 2018 status
  • Offshore 'Südhafen' energy company buildings with clutter
  • Four offshore wind parks with four platforms and their helipads
  • Detailed offshore maintenance heliport connected to the SAR heliport:
     - Very high ground resolution for both helipads
     - SAR heliport details added (improved fences, signs, etc.)

System Requirements:

  • Flight Simulator X (SP2 or Acceleration) & FSX: Steam Edition
  • Quad Core CPU with 3.5GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • Graphics card with 512MB VRAM
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • 220MB hard drive space
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Helgoland FSX v2.0 This redeveloped edition of the older Helgoland X scenery for FSX provides an entirely updated island layout with many significant graphical upgrades, a detailed new offshore maintenance heliport and four offshore wind parks with their helipads.

The scenery includes the Helgoland-Düne airfield, SAR helicopter base and a moving German Navy frigate which you can land on. Among the other features are 1m terrain mesh, extensive shipping traffic, sounds linked to scenery objects - and even animated seagulls!

Download size: 144MB (learn about downloads)

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