Hawker Heroes (First Class Simulations)

Compatibility: Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004
Hurricane Tempest Tempest Typhoon Fury Hurricane Fury Hurricane Typhoon Typhoon Fury Tempest Typhoon Hurricane Fury Typhoon Tempest Fury Hurricane Tempest

Accompanied by adrenalin-charged missions for Flight Simulator X, would-be fighter aces can now relive the Hawker experience! 

Fury - First flown in 1931, and the first fighter aircraft to exceed 200 MPH in level flight, the Fury held the world in awe with its incredible handling. With a climb rate in excess of 2,400ft per minute and manoeuvrability that was the scourge of enemy aircraft, the Hawker Fury defined a standard in military aviation.

Hurricane - The hero of the Battle of Britain, the Hurricane changed the course of World War II by being responsible for more enemy kills than any other aircraft. Beloved by her pilots and feared by her adversaries, many consider the Hurricane to be the finest fighter aircraft ever built.

Typhoon - The Hurricane's replacement, the Typhoon, quickly became one of the most formidable ground attack aircraft of the war years. By the end of WWII the RAF were operating 18 Typhoon squadrons equipped with deadly rockets. Pressed into service on D-Day to turn back the tide of armour on the Normandy beaches, the Typhoon was instrumental in the liberation of Europe.

Tempest - Developed by Hawker to have incredible performance characteristics, and entering service in 1944, the Tempest had outstanding acceleration with excellent climb and dive performance. Its introduction was fortuitous, being one of the few aircraft able to intercept and shoot down the V1 flying bomb.

System Requirements:

  • Flight Simulator 2004/ X (Acceleration, SP2 and DX10 Preview compatible) 
  • 3.0GHz or any Dual Core
  • 1.0Gb RAM
  • 256Mb graphics card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • 727Mb hard drive space
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Earn up to 100 points.

Packshot for Hawker Heroes (First Class Simulations) Take to the skies in four of Hawker's most famous aircraft - the fast and manoeuvrable Fury biplane fighter, Battle of Britain legend Hurricane, deadly Typhoon fighter-bomber and the Tempest, renowned for its combat ability against the Me 262 jet.

The FSX version also includes some adrenalin-charged missions!

Download size: 350Mb (learn about downloads)

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Earn up to 100 points.