FS Academy - Jetliner

Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Jetliner is an all-new, study-level mission package to introduce you to airline operations and jet aircraft.

Brought to you by a real A320 captain, Jetliner provides an authentic and realistic environment to learn how to handle the big jets, using genuine Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and techniques used by the professionals.

Commence your journey into airline flying first by joining us on a full sector from London Gatwick to Barcelona. The trip is divided into dedicated missions to discuss and demonstrate each phase of flight, from Taxi-Out to Taxi-In. We then move on to explore abnormals and more complex scenarios.

Guided step-by-step by your Airbus Captain, learn how to handle a passenger jet authentically so you can go forwards and apply real procedures to your airline flights, knowing you’re doing it as realistically as possible.

Each mission has accompanying theory, found in the comprehensive ground school manual. Learn the theory before you take to the skies and practise it for yourself by performing a complex departure from one of the world’s most challenging airports.

Note: Ensure you use the default navigation database. English language only.

Learn how to start and handle jet engines and taxi out, completing flight control checks, after-start flows and checklists, following ATC instructions on your way to the holding point at London Gatwick.
Once the cabin crew are secure, line up and depart Gatwick, following true-to-life procedures to get your passengers airborne.

Airline flying is an exercise in automation management. Learn how to take charge of the autopilot to guide you skywards, punching through the cloud layers and utilising Engine Anti-Ice on your way towards thinner air, exploring Flight Levels, zoom climbs and the Flight Control Unit (FCU).

Jet power allows greater altitudes and speeds than previously possible. Grapple with the fundamentals of cruising in the rarefied air of the upper atmosphere and experience first-hand the use of Flight Management System (FMS) navigation, Mach number and traffic separation.

A mix of science and art, descending an airliner from these great heights requires a balance of efficiency and speed. Acquire the crucial techniques that pilots use to both initiate and control your descent progress towards your destination.

Program the Flight Management and Guidance Computer (FMGC) to insert your arrival route, take a shortcut and set your airliner up for a smooth landing into Barcelona. Discover how to decelerate and configure for approach just like the pros.

After vacating the runway, the journey isn't over yet. Reconfigure your aircraft to prepare for arrival at the gate as you wind your way around the taxiways.

Take command of your stricken airliner after suffering a critical engine failure as you lift off the runway, requiring positive but deliberate control to balance out the remaining thrust. Climb away safely before levelling off to clean up the flaps enabling you to continue your ascent.

Always a possibility when cruising at height, an explosive decompression often comes with little warning. Don your oxygen mask and plunge earthbound back into breathable air.

After detecting a serious system malfunction as you hurtle down Manchester's Runway 23R, slam to a stop before you run out of tarmac.

Sharpen your skills as an aviator as you take over from the aircraft's automated systems, using manual control to manoeuvre the Airbus through the skies of Scandinavia's Oresund Strait.

Demonstrate your proficiency at handling the big jets by combining what you've learned into a complex, manually flown departure from Gibraltar. FS Academy - Jetliner, combined with a comprehensive ground school manual, will guide you through the crucial background knowledge that come into play once handling the big jets, including:

  • Jet Engines
  • Thrust Detents
  • Checklists + Flows
  • Flight Control Unit (FCU) Handling
  • Auto Thrust
  • Flight Computers (FMGC)
  • Flight Levels
  • Descent Calculation + Management
  • Approach Configuration
  • Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS)
  • And more
Step up to the big leagues and go pro with FS Academy - Jetliner!

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (i.e. the 2020 Standard, Deluxe or Premium Deluxe edition of Flight Simulator - NOT FSX or any previous edition)
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Earn up to 96 points.