DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk - Bubble Canopy

Compatibility: Flight Simulator X, FSX: Steam Edition, P3D v4, P3D v3, P3D v2, P3D v1
DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk - Bubble Canopy DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk - Bubble Canopy DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk - Bubble Canopy DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk - Bubble Canopy DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk - Bubble Canopy DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk - Bubble Canopy DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk - Bubble Canopy

This DHC-1B-2 Bubble canopy Chipmunk is an expansion for the Just Flight DHC-1 Chipmunk, which must be installed for it to work.

The DHC Chipmunk was designed by engineers at the Canadian offices of the De Havilland Aircraft Company and became the RAF's military trainer of choice in the 1950s.

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) had their own version designed, with its most distinctive feature being the large two-piece bubble canopy. This disposed of much of the framework of the standard design and provided a much wider field of view which is so essential in the training environment. It stayed in service with the RCAF until 1972.

The model featured in this add-on for the Just Flight DHC-1 Chipmunk (required for this Bubble Canopy version to work) is the DHC-1B-2 and features many other differences apart from the bubble canopy which distinguishes this version.

See the Detailed Description below for the full list of features!


In addition to the features that come as standard with the DHC-1 Chipmunk pack:


  • Electrical panel is mounted on the top coaming in front of the pilot
  • Electrical panel contains switches for the lights, a starter, battery switch, push-button ID light, retractable landing light switch and a volt meter
  • Bespoke radio unit fitted ahead of the compass on the floor tunnel.
  • Canopy has the appropriate latch system and emergency release mechanism.
  • Primer lever and carburettor heat button are correctly placed
  • Combined oil temperature and pressure gauge
  • Panel carries the appropriate gauges including a fuel pressure gauge
  • Fuel cock is replaced by a Left/Right/Off tank selector
  • Magneto switches are on the top of the fuselage
  • Cockpit/canopy heating system with controls
  • All the flying instruments are appropriate to this model
  • Seats have built-in pull release for the harnesses


  • Retractable landing light in port underwing
  • Streamlined navigation lights on wingtips
  • Recognition lights buried in the wingroots.
  • Repositioned ground power connector on fuselage alongside a battery box
  • Hot air exhaust duct and flap under centre fuselage
  • Tail light 
  • First Aid pack on aft fuselage top area
  • Solid framed step-plates mounted on the flap and wing surfaces


  • Royal Canadian Air Force – Yellow – ‘035’
  • Civilian – Silver with light blue and red flash - ‘F-CHIP’ 

Other features

  • Manual supplement
  • Authentic flight dynamics for this bubble canopy version, with different power and speed limitations
  • Appropriate checklists

"The Just Flight Chipmunk looks great, flies nice, and has a wonderful VC from which to experience the virtual world. The sound is enchanting, and the nostalgia factor is captivating.... If the Chippie is your kind of aircraft, then my recommendation is buy it, you will not be disappointed!... My verdict? Totally and thoroughly enjoyable! To me, this is what flight sim is all about" AirDailyX

"Details, textures, and lighting effects are realistic... Just Flight has packaged two distinct models of a venerable flight trainer with great accuracy, detail, and resolution. Flight dynamics and sounds seem realistic for such an aircraft. Miscellaneous features and animations add to the aircraft's usefulness. Manuals and checklists help with accurate simulations. Both models are perfect for simulation training, recreational flying, and aerobatics" FlightSim.com

Fully featured demo of the DHC-1 Chipmunk (i.e. the non-bubble-canopy version) - restricted to 1,000 feet

   Filesize: 72.5MB

System Requirements:

  • Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, Gold or SP2 required), FSX: Steam Edition or Prepar3D v1/v2/v3/v4
  • Just Flight DHC-1 Chipmunk
  • 2.0GHz or any Dual Core
  • 2.0GB RAM
  • 512MB graphics card
  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7
  • 370MB hard drive space
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DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk - Bubble Canopy

This DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk variant brings you the bubble canopy version of the aircraft, as used by the Royal Canadian Air Force, and is an expansion for the Just Flight DHC-1 Chipmunk.

This model comes in an RCAF and a civilian livery, and features many other differences from the standard DHC-1 variant, including a bespoke radio unit and three-way tank selector. All gauges and panels modelled are specific to the DHC-1B-2 variant.

Download size: 104MB (learn about downloads)

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