Bear Studios Su-30-MKK

Compatibility: Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004, P3D v2
Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK Bear Studios Su-30-MKK
13 August 2014 - this aircraft has been updated to v1.3.
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The Sukhoi Su-30 is a twin-engine, two-seat fighter aircraft developed by Russia's Sukhoi Aviation Corporation. This multi-role fighter for all-weather air-to-air and air-to-surface deep interdiction missions is generally similar to the US F-15E Strike Eagle. 

The Su-30 from Bear Studios is an accurate and in-depth simulation for FSX, P3D and FS2004 and its complex systems and operating procedures were developed with reference material from a real combat aircraft.

The Su-30 has two distinct version branches, manufactured by KnAAPO and the Irkut Corporation, both of which come under the Sukhoi group's umbrella. KnAAPO manufactures the Su-30MKK and the Su-30MK2; tThe Chinese chose an older but lighter radar so the canards could be omitted in return for increased payload.

Irkut offered the multirole Su-30MK/MKI for the Indian Air Force, Along with its ground-attack capabilities; the series adds features for the air-superiority role, such as canards, thrust-vectoring and long-range phase-array radar. The Russian Air force operates several Su-30s and has ordered the Su-30SM version.

See the Extended Description section below for all the aircraft features



  • In-depth simulation based on official published papers related to Engine, Hydraulic Machinery, Avionics, Radar, Flight Control and Navigation system on Su-30.
  • Highly efficient and detailed external modelling. Delivery and Jettison sequence recreated from real aircraft.
  • Weapons and storage individually modelled with weight. When selected, weapons/storage released from aircraft, SMS (Storage Management System) will detect status and make dynamic changes.
  • Custom keystroke mapping to gaming devices for HOTAS setups.
  • Highly detailed Virtual cockpit (VC) features:
     - High resolution textures with sharp gauge text
     - Emissive Avionics, MFD and HUD, with Russian style gauges
     - Floodlight and Console light in two colours, MFD and Gauge backlight for Night Flight, Interior lights controlled by individual light control switches, simulating electrical bus behaviour
     - Switchable cockpit positions in both FS2004 and FSX (two-seats only)
  • N-001VE Multi-role Fire Control Radar and Electrical Optical Sensor (OLS/IRST) system simulation.
This system has five main modes for searching detecting and the calculation of fire control solution to designated AI target and/or selected fixed ground target, Radar with six different scan submodes related to proper weapons or working functions

1.    CRM/ACM Mode for air target
2.    GMTI Mode for Ground/Sea moving target
3.    FTT Mode for ground fixed target
4.    NAV Aid (Beacon) Mode for carrier landing operating
5.    AIFF for ACM/CRM combined Modes
6.    OLS/FLIR/ IRST system simulation. Stand-alone LST/LDT or coupled working with        FCR Radar
7.    Integrated Fire Control System simulation
8.    Ground Control Intercepting System (GCI) simulation

  • All weapons and storage have delivery animation sequence and procedure controlled by SMS system. Weapons and Stores include:
     - R-73E Air-Air Missile
     - R-77 RVV-AE Missile
     - KH-31P Anti-Radar Missile
     - X-29T/L AGM
     - X-59M/ME AGM
     - KAB-500 Laser Guided/TV Guided Bomb
     - X-59K/MK Anti-Ship Missile
     - Su-30 can carry Russian-built Air-Air missiles and all types of air-ground guided/unguided weapons. Anti-ship and anti-radar systems are simulated on the aircraft
  • Fully animated canopy and ejection sequences.
  • Thrust Vector Control system (TVC) and canards, controlled by flight control system to gain more manoeuvrability on SU-30MK/MKI variants. The nozzles and canard animation slaved on flight control.
  • Procedural animation system including:
     - Missile launches (five types, with smoke tail and flame animations
     - KAB/FAB Bomb release (two types, with animated bomb delivery)
     - Rocket launches with smoke tail and flame attached
     - Jettison (emergency or selective)
     - Boarding ladder, air intake blockage covers, controlled by conditional status
     - Full pilot articulation with autonomous movement and gesturing
     - Built-in FCS-controlled flight control surfaces
     - Speed brake and hydraulic power simulation
     - Functional animated air refuelling probe and control switch panel for receiving fuel from tanker or large aircraft
     - Automatic trailing and leading edge flaps. Controlled by related conditional status
     - Tip vapour effects. Afterburner and engine flame effect, controlled by conditional status
     - Gsh-30-1 Gun system and effect simulation
  • Cockpit sound system for warning and advisor voice (FSX only).
  • Built-in exterior lights for landing, taxiing, Dimmable navigation and beacon lights.
  • 90-page Operational Flight Manual
  • Simulated combat capability:
     - Radar-guided Missile / Radar Homing Missile simulation
     - Laser-guided Bomb simulation
     - GPS-guided AGM simulation
     - OLS/IRST/FLIR LST and LTD simulation (no IR imagery)
     - Stand-alone ECM/ESM system with advisor display
  • Three models with different typical payload configurations referenced from real Su-30MK/MKK aircraft. Every variant's model with payloads has typical skin texture for worldwide Su-30 owners.
  • Advanced graphics /backlighting techniques. Highly accurate custom avionic displays (HUD, UFC, MFI-9/MFI-54 Russian-style integrated electrical gauge displays)
  • Su-30MKK have full functional MFI-9 displays mounted in forward and rear cockpits, which can apply more information from a real Su-30 aircraft manual on integrated pages.
  • Su-30MK/MKI have similar MFI-54 displays system from recent updated Su-27SK.
  • Custom Auto Throttle for Cruise, Approach and Take-off Status, continually adjusted by Flight Control System. Simulate overstall manoeuvres such as cobra, vertical wheel and other super manoeuvres.
  • Custom 10-mode autopilot which mimics the actual Su-30 FCS:
     - Barometric Altitude Hold (BALT)
     - Radar Altitude Hold (RALT)
     - Flight Path Angle Hold (FPAH)
     - Heading Select (HSEL)
     - Custom in-flight waypoint reprogramming via built-in GPS system
     - Coupled Waypoint (CPL WPT)
     - Coupled Sequence (CPL SEQ)
     - Coupled TACAN (Ground-based TACAN navigation)
     - Coupled Beacon (Ground-based Beacon navigation)
     - GCI-coupled Vector for Air-Air Intercepting (GCI CMD)
     - Manually select Mach number and flight altitude for autopilot and radar             intercept system via built-in control panels
  • Functional Hydraulics, Failure, Electrical, Fuel, Auxiliary Power System (APU), Engine Working Limitation and adjust system (ECU) - and more.
  • Over stall manoeuvrability when you turn off FCS limit switch; aircraft can do cobra and other super manoeuvres. Enhanced FCS system maintains aircraft stability when FCS limits working.

System Requirements:

  • Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, Gold or SP2 required), FS2004 or P3D
  • 2.0GHz or any Dual Core
  • 1.0GB RAM
  • 256MB graphics card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • 400MB hard drive space
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Bear Studios Su-30 MKK

The Bear Studios Su-30-MKK multi-role fighter comes in three different models and among the features are animated weapons delivery, a highly detailed virtual cockpit with MFD and HUD, five-mode targetting system, animated ejection sequence - and much more besides!

A 90-page operations manual is included to help you get the best from this high-tech Russian fighter.

Download size: 189MB (learn about downloads)

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Earn up to 96 points.