Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker

Compatibility: P3D v1, Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004
Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker
The Shenyang J-15 carrier-based folding-wing fighter is based on the Sukhoi Su-33 and is fitted with Chinese-produced radars and weapons.
This model from the Bear Studios development team comes in four with different payload configurations and features accurate custom avionics in the highly detailed VC, including ten-mode autopilot, multi-role radar, weapons and stores with the correct aircraft weight adjustments, animated weapon delivery sequences and numerous animations.

  • Four models with different payload configurations
  • 77-page manual
  • Compatible with default and add-on aircraft carriers
  • Advanced graphics and gauge backlighting
  • Highly accurate custom avionic displays (MFD, HUD, DTU, CNI)
  • Functional tail hook, carrier landing system and folding wings
  • Detailed external modelling and aircraft systems based on published data: engine, hydraulics, avionics, radar, flight control and navigation
  • Functional animated air refuelling probe and switch panel for receiving fuel
  • Fully animated canopy and ejection sequences
  • Cockpit sound system for warnings and advisories (FSX only)
  • Exterior landing and taxi lights; dimmable navigation and beacon lights
  • Animated pilot
  • Weapons and stores individually modelled with correct aircraft weight adjustments - when released, the SMS (Storage Management System) will automatically make dynamic changes
  • Custom keystroke mapped to gaming devices for HOTAS set-ups


The highly detailed VC features:
  • High resolution textures with sharp gauge text
  • Emissive avionics, MFD and HUD
  • Floodlight and console light in two colours, MFD and gauge back light, interior lights controlled by individual switches simulating electrical bus behaviour
  • Switchable cockpit positions both in FS2004 and FSX (two seats only)
Custom 10-mode autopilot
  • Barometric Altitude Hold (BALT)
  • Radar Altitude Hold (RALT)
  • Flight Path Angle Hold (FPAH)
  • Heading Select (HSEL)
  • Custom in-flight waypoint reprogramming via built-in GPS system
  • Coupled Waypoint (CPL WPT)
  • Coupled Sequence (CPL SEQ).
  • Coupled TACAN (ground-based TACAN navigation)
  • Coupled Beacon (Ground-based beacon navigation)
  • GCI-coupled Vector for air-to-air interception (GCI CMD)
Manually select Mach number and flight altitude for autopilot and radar intercept system via the built-in control panels.
Functional hydraulics, failure, electrical, fuel, auxiliary power system (APU), engine working limitation and adjust system (ECU)... and more.

KLJ-11/N-001VE Multi-role Fire Control Radar and Electrical Optical Sensor (EOS/IRST/LDT)

This system has five main modes for searching, detecting and calculating fire control solutions to designated AI targets and/or selected fixed ground targets.

Radar has six different scan sub-modes:
  • CRM/ACM mode for aerial target
  • GMTI mode for ground/sea moving target
  • FTT mode for ground fixed target
  • NAV Aid (Beacon) mode for carrier landing
  • AIFF for ACM/CRM combined modes
  • EOS/FLIR/ IRST system simulation. Stand-alone LST/LDT or coupled working with FCR Radar

Also simulated are an integrated Fire Control System and Ground Control Intercepting (GCI) systems.

Weapons and stores

All weapons and stores have animated delivery sequences controlled by the SMS system. Weapons and stores include:
  • PL-8 air-to-air missile
  • SD-10 AMRAAM
  • KH-31P/YJ-91 HARM
  • X-29T/L AGM
  • KAB-500 laser-guided/TV-guided bomb
  • YJ-81 anti-ship missile
The J-15 can carry Chinese-built air-to-air missiles and all types of air-to-ground guided/unguided weapons. In this add-on anti-ship and anti-radar systems are simulated.
  • Missile launches (five types, with smoke tail and flame)
  • KAB/FAB bomb release (two types, with animated bomb delivery)
  • Rocket launches (with smoke tail and flame)
  • Jettison (emergency or selective)
  • Boarding ladder and air intake covers depending on status
  • Built-in FCS-controlled flight control surfaces
  • Speedbrake and hydraulics power simulation
  • Automatically controlled trailing and leading edge flaps
  • Tip vapour effects
  • Afterburner and engine flame effect
  • Gsh-30-1 gun system

  • Radar-guided missile / radar homing missile
  • Laser-guided bomb
  • GPS-guided AGM
  • EOS/IRST/FLIR LST and LTD simulation (no IR imagery)
  • Stand-alone ECM/ESM system with advisor display

Custom auto-throttle for Cruise, Approach and Takeoff Status, continually adjusted by the Flight Control System. Simulation of over-stall manoeuvres such as the cobra, vertical wheel and other super manoeuvres is possible.


A PLA Navy CV-16 Liaoning (formerly Russian) aircraft carrier model is included for use in FSX and Prepar3D. In order to use all of the functionality of the aircraft carrier you will need to have installed the Flight Simulator X Acceleration Pack.

This carrier model features standard FSX Acceleration stock animations such as blast shield, wheel hold bar, auto-rotating weapons and radars, as well as highly detailed deck vehicles. It has functional arrestor cables, IFOLS signal lights and virtual catapult rails.

The carrier model makes use of highly detailed daylight and night textures, and lighting for night operations. It is fully compatible with the popular AICarriers tool and can be used in FSX missions.

"This package pulls out all the stops - beautiful exterior, functioning weapons and it sounds like the real thing... High performance even with lots of AI traffic... Extremely high quality exterior... The HUD and MFD’s are really nicely done... I was really impressed with the weapons systems aboard this aircraft. They are as real as FSX will allow"
"Excellent value for money and well worth trying... The animations have to be some of the best and most exciting I have seen in FSX... Where this model stands out is with the superbly detailed rocket launching and bomb releases... Bear Studios have made a fantastic job of making this aircraft believable... The steam gauges are very clear as are the MFDs... Bristling with state of the art electronics" Mutley's Hangar
"An excellent highly detailed and defined exterior model which very
accurately depicts the real aircraft... Cockpit is to the same excellent modelling standard as the exterior with almost everything functional including the weapons systems... Effects are great including the ejection of the canopy and ejector seat... Sound set is very good, documentation is also very good and explains systems and their operation in detail. The aircraft flies like a dream in all modes of flight.. An excellent and great value for money package" FSPilot magazine (FS Pilot Gold award)

System Requirements:

  • FSX, P3D or FS2004
  • 2.8GHz or any Dual Core
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • 2.0GB RAM
  • 256MB graphics card
  • 350MB hard drive space for FSX and P3D, 750MB for FS2004
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Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker
The Bear Studios Naval Flanker is ready for carrier ops in FSX and P3D with the default carriers and also with an included PLA Navy CV-16 Liaoning model.
Among the many impressive features of this highly detailed J-15 Naval Flanker are accurate custom avionics, weapons and stores with the correct aircraft weight adjustments, radar, animated weapon delivery sequences, ten-mode autopilot and countless accurate and detailed animations.

Download size: 135MB

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Earn up to 96 points.