Airline Crew 2019

Compatibility: P3D v4
Airline Crew 2019 (for P3D v4) Airline Crew 2019 (for P3D v4) Airline Crew 2019 (for P3D v4) Airline Crew 2019 (for P3D v4) Airline Crew 2019 (for P3D v4) Airline Crew 2019 (for P3D v4) Airline Crew 2019 (for P3D v4)
It's been a while since FSPS released Ultimate Airline Crew, software that was well received and a pioneer for its era - but it had some serious disadvantages: only one language per version and all the versions available were based on computer-generated voices. We thus decided to write from scratch a completely new application that would expand your Prepar3D v4 experience and at the same time retire the old applications.

FSPS's Airline Crew 2019 is an application with human voices for the most common 'airline language' used, English, and which at the same time includes all previously available languages in the same package! The application adds pre-recorded English voices for all passenger announcements from both command crew and cabin crew. The captain's voice is a male one and the cabin crew a female one.

The application accompanies the user from start to finish, announcing every procedure of what a large airline does on its flights; from "Welcome aboard" to "Welcome to our destination",  everything is included.

The announcements are 'triggered' by events which are easily configured with a wizard so the application can be considered 'start and forget', and it will have zero impact on frame rates or in PC performance in general.

"Ladies and Gentlemen... welcome aboard!"

Main features

  • English human recorded voices for both the Captain and the Flight Attendant
  • German/Spanish/French/Italian languages also included using computer-generated recordings
  • Imperial or Metric announcements when the captain gives altitude and speed details to passengers mid-flight
  • Announcements triggered by configurable actions:
     - Doors closed
     - Welcome message (Flight Attendant)
     - Safety announcements
     - Prepare for T/O (Pilot and F/A)
     - Cabin lights off for take-off and landing, when applicable
     - Welcome mid-flight message by pilot, giving flight details such as altitude and speed
     - Seat belts off/on message
     - Seat belts on due to turbulence message
     - Start of descent/approach message
     - Prepare for landing (Pilot and F/A)
     - After landing welcome to destination
  • Configurable selection of a sound device that will play all messages
  • Speakers configuration (all channels, rear channels etc.)
  • Voices volume configuration to match the background aircraft 'noise' as you wish
  • Adjustable speech rate for the computer-generated voices
  • And more...

System Requirements:

  • Prepar3D v4
  • Windows 10 (64-bit only) / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3
  • FSUIPC 5 (free version)
  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.6
  • Internet connection (for online activation and licence checkingon each application start-up)
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Airline Crew 2019 (for P3D v4) Treat your P3D v4 passengers to announcements from the Captain and Flight Attendant at every stage of their flight, with pre-recorded human voices in English and computer-generated announcements in German, Spanish, French and Italian. A choice of Imperial or Metric announcements is available for altitude and speed details.

The announcments are triggered by configurable actions and various audio options can be configured to provide the best results with your speaker and sound device set-up.

Download size: 82MB (learn about downloads)

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Earn up to 40 points.