A2A Simulations Accu-Feel v2 Air, Land & Sea (for P3D v4 ACADEMIC)

Compatibility: P3D v4
A2A Simulations Accu-Feel v2 Air, Land & Sea (for P3D v4 ACADEMIC)
Back in 2008, A2A Simulations released an aggressive concept to FSX add-ons with the Accu-Sim Boeing 377 Stratocruiser. Accu-Sim bypassed the entire guts of the aircraft systems and replaced them with its own coding, providing a level of realism which FS fans were not used to. We were concerned that most would not want this high level of authenticity, so we offered the aircraft in two packages: the aircraft and it’s Accu-Sim expansion pack. This way, those who just wanted a beautiful aircraft to look at and fly without the deep modelling, could have it. Those who wanted more could have that too. We estimated that 1 in 5 would opt for Accu-Sim, but to our surprise, 4 in 5 did from the first day it was released. This started what we now call the 'Accu-Sim Revolution'.

The biggest challenge we now faced was the demand for more Accu-Sim aircraft. The problem is that it was simply not possible to quickly deliver aircraft with this level of detail, however, our rate of delivery / quality of product is unsurpassed in the industry. This is a large reason why Accu-Sim has been so successful. Over the years, we released a P-47 Thunderbolt with a complete cockpit sound set, a Piper J3 Cub where you hand-start the engine, and the new core series of Accu-Sim birds (Supermarine Spitfire, P-40 Warhawk, and P-51 Mustang). We also released a later Captain of the Ship add-on to our flagship, Stratocruiser. Still, customers demanded more. They asked, “Can you Accu-Sim FSX?” and our answer was always, “This is just not possible.”

Well, over the years and now with all this technology behind us, we found a way to get what we call 'A touch of Accu-Sim' to FSX. In early 2012 we released this new concept, and called it 'Accu-Feel'. The name Accu-Feel was chosen because this best described what this product does. We managed to hook into the lower core of FSX using our Accu-Sim technology, and were able to make things happen without touching a single file in the FSX directory. This was critical because the program had to work in a way without interfering or altering third party content. Our goal was to allow Accu-Feel to intelligently set itself up for any aircraft, yet also allow the customer the final say on everything by way of an easy-to-use in-game user interface.

Accu-Feel launched out of the gates unlike anything we have ever released before. It rocketed to #1 in online stores and just sat there for months. Today, almost one year later, it remains in the top ten. The reason is simple – customers/pilots were having fun with an all-new, powerful sound system and how it translated physics back to them. They also appreciated a program that worked hard for them, so they could just fly. And technically, Accu-Feel was solid and reliable. We had a winner. Now we have the next generation of Accu-Feel, version 2, Air, Land and Sea. A quick read of this manual will show a lot of new and exciting features that we hope you come to love as much as we did in making the software.

See the Detailed Description below for the full list of features!


  • Simple, safe non-destructive installation leaves all of your aircraft directories untouched (aircraft.cfg, panel.cfg, etc. are not changed)
  • Works with almost all P3D aircraft - tested with both default and over forty third party aircraft. Note: Helicopters not supported.
  • Easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows for easy (and fun) customisation of any aircraft
  • Saves aircraft automatically
  • Built using the Accu-Sim sound system, which is the most powerful sound system available and is already used safely on thousands of FSX installations
  • Ground physics for both on- and off-pavement for both tricycle and tail-dragger airframes bucks your aircraft around, making just taxiing a quality experience
  • Dynamic tyre screeching and rub sounds tied into the physics of each tyre, which makes every landing not just feel different, but sound different. You have more feel for exactly how well you are controlling your aircraft, both big and small. New side forces add even more dynamics when side-loading the landing gear.
  • Runway/pavement seams send dynamic jolts through your airframe that you can both feel and hear
  • Water physics, including dynamic wave size and speed, add immersion for those who love to land on the water
  • Turbulence modelling adds a feel based on our own experiences of owning and operating aircraft
  • Physics-driven sound system
  • Cabin sounds from old classic planes (bag of bolts) to the more modern and stronger pressurised tube liners, both on the ground and in the air
  • Dynamic wind gives a strong sense of how your aircraft is flying, giving feel to everything from a glider to a commercial airliner
  • Fuselage drag rumble is dynamically created, recreating the dropping of flaps, gear, or high pressures developed when approaching an airframe’s VNE (Never Exceed Speed). Both IAS and Mach limits are simulated
  • Stall buffet and sounds creep in before the aircraft stalls, giving you better feel and control of the aircraft while flying 'on the edge'
  • Brake squeals and vibrations
  • Open cockpit experience, which allows you to hear the suction of the wind, deep wind, propeller, or turbojet whine when opening a canopy or door

System Requirements:

  • Prepar3D ACADEMIC v4.1 and above (not compatible with previous versions of P3D)
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A2A Simulations Accu-Feel v2 Air, Land & Sea (for P3D v4 ACADEMIC) Enhance the realism of the aircraft you fly in P3D v4.1 Academic with A2A's Accu-Feel utility, which will set itself up intelligently for any aircraft but allow you the final say on everything by way of an easy-to-use in-game user interface.

Built using the Accu-Sim physics-driven sound system, Accu-Feel enhances ground and water physics, adds dynamic tyre sounds, brake squeals and vibrations, dynamic wind, turbulence modelling, fuselage drag rumble, new cabin sounds and more!

Download size: 17MB (learn about downloads)

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