Tornado F3

Compatibility: P3D v5, P3D v4, P3D v3, P3D v2, P3D v1, FSX, FSXSE
Following on from their award-winning Canberra PR9, Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer and Tornado GR1, this highly detailed simulation of the Tornado F3 is being developed by Just Flight's in-house team following comprehensive, hands-on research with a real-life aircraft and ex-RAF cockpit simulator.

The Tornado F3, also known as the ADV, is a tandem (twin seat) air defence aircraft. Its primary role is high speed, high altitude interception, taking over from the Lightning F6 and Phantom FGR2. It can carry out these roles in any weather using a wide range of weapons, external stores and sensors, including the Foxhunter radar. The Tornado is fitted with cantilever shoulder wings with variable sweepback between 25° and 67°, providing the aircraft with a versatile operating envelope.

Originally developed by the UK in response to the threat from long-range Soviet bombers, the F3 entered service with the Royal Air Force in 1986 and was subsequently operated by the Italian Air Force and Royal Saudi Air Force. The F3 was derived from the existing GR1 (IDS) variant but features numerous differences such as RB199 Mk.104 engines which deliver greater acceleration and high-altitude performance, a stretched fuselage to accommodate large air-to-air weapons, greater fuel capacity and cockpit modifications to facilitate its new role.
Tornado F3
P3D v5, v4, v3, v2, v1, FSX, FSXSE