RJ Professional

Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Following the release of our 146 Professional earlier in the year, our development team have been working on its successor in both the real-world and now MSFS, the RJ.
RJ Professional will include all three variants of the regional airliner – the RJ70, RJ85 and RJ100, together with over 25 brand new liveries covering operators from all over the world.
Like the real aircraft, our RJ is built on our popular 146 platform, with many upgrades to, and modernisation of the avionics and systems. With deliveries starting in 1993, the RJ introduced an EFIS cockpit with digital displays replacing the ADI, HSI and engine instrumentation. The cockpit features many other changes, from a digital pressurisation controller and COM/NAV/ADF radios, to a more capable autopilot and FMS with LNAV/VNAV and autoland capabilities. The RJ also featured much needed improvements to engine performance.

We'll bring you the full specifications for the RJ Professional a little closer to the release time.  In the meantime enjoy the development updates below.

Development Updates

15 August 2022

We're excited to get underway with the first of a number of development entries we hope to be able to bring you for the RJ Professional.

For this first entry, we have included some screenshots of the RJ cockpit, showing the more modern and capable avionics compared to the 146, and a preview of some of the RJ liveries. Work is still very much on-going with further cockpit and exterior changes to come, and we’ll bring you more updates soon!


RJ Professional
Microsoft Flight Simulator