Palma De Mallorca Airport

Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator
We are proud to announce our first scenery add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Palma de Mallorca Airport.  This is a brand-new development with everything being built from scratch.

The airport is being developed by a small group consists of two A320 pilots and also a talented modeller/artist, all are based close to PMI and are all talented software developers with previous experience within the Flight Sim and Train Sim industry.

We’ll be updating this page with regular development entries throughout the process so be sure to keep an eye out for announcements and of course you can sign up for email notification on release by clicking on the ‘Email me when available’ button.

The scenery will feature:

  • Hundreds of custom-built 3D objects with PBR texturing.
  • Highly detailed buildings with interiors where applicable.
  • Custom ground textures including custom made ground markings for taxiways, aprons and surrounding streets.
  • Significant buildings and objects near the airport and on the approach paths.
  • Corrected ILS for all runways.
  • Animated hangar doors.
  • Custom built jetway bridges.
  • Realistic night lighting.
  • Accurate parking positions and taxiways including general aviation.
  • Accurate ground handling vehicles.
Some information about the actual airport: 

Palma de Mallorca Airport is one of the busiest holiday airports in Europe. During the busy summer months the airport handles 180,000 passengers and around 1,200 flights a day.

Aside from the 737 and A320 series aircraft, the airport also receives regular services from 787, 757, A330, A340 and 747-400 aircraft.

The airport has also seen A380 operation in the past.

Palma has two parallel runways and operates 24 hours, seven days a week.

Development Updates

12 January 2021

After a short break over Christmas and New Years we are back at work and very excited to share some new developments.

The glass terminal

We have recently imported the most complex object so far into the sim. It is the glass terminal structure in terminal C.  Here are some screenshots that show you both the interior and the exterior.  Whilst we feel the current version is a good re-creation of the real-world counterpart, there are still a few things we would like to work on. This Terminal will see several improvements before product launch.
Finally, a few other points. We have animated the radar on top of the tower and added the first few apron objects such as buses, and AC units.  The ground texturing is coming along nicely and we aim to replicate every single line as accurately as possible.  

A new runway

Palma airport has just opened the newly renovated northern runway (24R/06L).
The renovation has not just brought a completely new surface, but also significant changes to the runway and taxiway layout. We have already been sent the newest airport charts and have seen aerial photography. We will use these to replicate the new airport layout.


21 December 2020

Development is well underway and parts of the airport are starting to take shape.  The team is making full use of the new MSFS game engine and is experimenting with features such as fully animated lifts and hangar doors that open and close at certain times of the day to mimic the real-world operations.
Here are some early renders and initial screenshots to demonstrate where we are with this project.

Palma De Mallorca Airport
Microsoft Flight Simulator