FS Traffic

Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator
For over 20 years, Just Flight has been bringing your virtual airports and skies to life with AI traffic packages, and with this latest instalment in the series, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator will soon be 'as busy as it gets'.

FS Traffic features a fleet of brand-new aircraft models, all designed from the ground up to exploit the enhanced visuals of Microsoft’s new simulation platform and covering all the latest model types, including the A220-100 & A220-300. Aircraft include great features such as high-definition 4096x4096 livery textures, night lighting textures, animations including engine fans and flaps, aircraft effects, compatibility with airport jetways and ground units, realistic sounds by Turbine Sound Studios and integrated external lighting.

Take control over your traffic via the FS Traffic in-sim menu. Aircraft models can also be used when flying on compatible online networks.

FS traffic adds tens of thousands of real-life commercial flight plans from different time periods, giving full worldwide coverage of commercial airline traffic sourced from the same suppliers that power a number of popular flight tracking websites and apps. Historical flight plan data will be available covering 2019 and 2021 as well as for the summer of 2022.
It will also be customisable with powerful tools that enable you to create new flight plans, add your own aircraft liveries and even add brand-new third-party aircraft models as AI. 

Included aircraft models
  • 737-700
  • 737-700 (winglets)
  • 737-800
  • 737-800 (winglets)
  • 737-900
  • 737-900 (winglets) 
  • 747-8i
  • 777-300ER
  • 787-8
  • 787-9
  • A319 (CFM)
  • A319 (IAE)
  • A320 (CFM)
  • A320 (CFM sharklets)
  • A320 (IAE)
  • A320 (IAE sharklets)
  • A320 (NEO)
  • A321 (CFM)
  • A321 (CFM sharklets)
  • A321 (IAE)
  • A321 (IAE sharklets)
  • A321 (NEO)
  • A330-200 (RR)
  • A330-200 (PW)
  • A330-200 (GE)
  • A330-300 (RR)
  • A330-300 (PW)
  • A330-400 (GE)
  • A350-900 
  • A380 
  • ATR-42
  • ATR-72
  • CRJ 700
  • CRJ 900
  • Dash 8-400
  • Embraer 145
  • Embraer 170 
  • Embraer 190
  • Embraer 195
  • A220-100
  • A220-300

Development Updates

21 July 2022

Here's the next development update for you covering FS Traffic

Last week saw an important milestone in the life of FS Traffic as we released the first beta build to our testing team. Other important changes made recently include the implementation of a new in-sim menu system designed to give you some control over your traffic options in real-time, and further improvements to the traffic generated at your arrival destination. We've also received flight plan data covering late June 2022 and we are busy integrating this into the program.

In the past few months we have had a team of artists helping paint our traffic fleet. To ensure global coverage we tasked them with creating over 700 liveries covering many different airlines. With 70% of the liveries now complete, the work is shifting from the twin engine narrow bodies to the widebodies and regional airliners. Alongside this we have also been setting up the external lighting and the interactive points which allow the ground services and jet bridges to connect to the AI aircraft

We aim to supply regular updates now as we edge closer to release. These images are of course WIP but are representative of where things stand currently. Enjoy the pics!

08 March 2022

For over 20 years, Just Flight have been bringing your virtual airports and skies to life with A.I. traffic packages, and with this latest instalment in the series, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator will soon be 'as busy as it gets'.

As development progresses we plan to keep you up to date with new details and screenshots to demonstrate the progress.

Here's an initial set of shots showing some in-sim images and shots showing off the initial batch of models that have been completed.  All images are WIP at this stage. Texturing work on all the models is now well underway.

Please look out for future updates and remember to sign up for email notification upon release by using the 'Email me When Available button' on this page.

FS Traffic
Microsoft Flight Simulator