Fokker F28 Fellowship

Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Just Flight are excited to bring you four variants of the F28 Fellowship regional jet – the 1000 to 4000. Announced in 1962, the F28-1000 first flew in 1967 and entered airline service in 1969. The stretched 2000, 3000 and 4000 variants followed in the 1970s, and production ended in 1987. The aircraft proved to be popular and entered airline service around the world, with the last commercial operation ending in 2018.

The F28 for Microsoft Flight Simulator features a native model and 4096 x 4096 PBR materials for the highest possible texture detail and clarity. Realistic animations include dynamic wing-flex, all passenger, service and cargo doors, and the distinctive spoilers and tail-mounted airbrake.

Moving to the cockpit, the Captain, Co-Pilot and jump-seat positions are modelled with nearly all switches, knobs and levers animated and functional. The aircraft will feature custom-coded autopilot, hydraulic, electrical, engine bleed, fuel and pressurisation systems. Wear and tear based on extensive reference photos and custom sounds will produce an authentic cockpit environment, with highly realistic flight dynamics completing the immersive experience.


  • Four variants of the F28 Fellowship:
    • F28 Mk 1000
    • F28 Mk 2000
    • F28 Mk 3000
    • F28 Mk 4000
  • Accurately modelled using real-world aircraft plans and comprehensive photography of the real aircraft
  • Realistic animations including all passenger, service and cargo doors, control surfaces and mechanisms, distinctive spoilers and tail-mounted airbrake
  • 4096x4096 textures are used to produce the highest possible texture clarity
  • PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials with real-time environment reflections for superb quality and realism
  • Detailed normal mapping for down-to-the-rivet precision of aircraft surfaces
  • Full support for MSFS visual icing effects and ground services support
  • Authentic labelling and placards based on those found in the real aircraft
  • Realistic wing-flex
  • Custom ground equipment (GPU, cones and chocks)
  • Optional engine hush kits

  • Captain, Co-Pilot and jump-seat positions modelled with nearly all switches, knobs and levers animated and functional
  • A truly 3D cockpit environment right down to accurately modelled seat belts and screw heads - every instrument is constructed fully in 3D with smooth animations
  • Authentic gauges and navigational equipment, including RMI (VOR/ADF) and HSI
  • Realistic autopilot system including pitch and IAS hold modes, and navigation hold mode that can be linked to the MSFS flight plan
  • Cockpit textures feature wear and tear based on reference photos taken in the real aircraft to produce an authentic environment
  • Aircraft configuration system that will allow you to choose between 'cold & dark' or 'ready for take-off'
  • Many features have been added to help with usability such as the ability to hide the control yokes for a better view of the instruments and pre-set angled views for the overhead and centre pedestal
  • Tablet EFB for controlling various aircraft states and options, and checking aircraft and flight information
  • Developed using the latest MSFS standards, including intuitive and easy-to-use controls for rotary knobs, multi-position switches and levers
  • Fully compatible with MSFS VR mode
  • Realistic dimmable lighting
  • Full support for MSFS checklists (manual and automatic/co-pilot modes)
  • Custom-coded hydraulic, electrical, engine bleed, fuel and pressurisation systems

The F28 Fellowship will be supplied with a range of liveries from around the world, reflecting its wide and varied airline service.

  • Realistic flight dynamics for each variant based on real world performance and handling data, and input from real-world F28 crew
  • MSFS-native (Wwise) sound package taking full advantage of the new capabilities, with authentic audio for every switch, button, lever and electrical systems
  • Multiple interior and exterior viewpoints, including wing views
  • Comprehensive manual with panel guide and performance data
  • PSD Paint Kit included so you can create your own paint schemes

Development Updates

17 November 2022

Since our previous update for the Fokker F28 Fellowship, our development team have been busy wrapping up their work on the modelling and texturing of the aircraft. Most notable additions to the aircraft now are the fully animated passenger and cargo doors, as well as the inclusion of wheel chocks and cones around the aircraft. This visual work is pretty much complete now and is simply undergoing further testing.

Coding work has also begun on the myriad of the F28’s systems, many of which are unique to the F28 and require close collaboration with our testing team of ex-F28 flight, engineering, and training crews to ensure we achieve a very high level of accuracy. You certainly won’t be mistaking this aircraft for your typical airliner!

With all animations, cockpit instrumentation, annunciators, and basic systems now working, we have handed the aircraft over to our flight model and sound developers so they can begin to work their magic. Once the flight dynamics and sounds are complete, we will aim to bring you some videos focusing on these features.

This week we have also supplied a new build out to our testing team which included the first batch of functional systems. The aircraft is now in a flyable state and our testing teams are looking over the newly coded systems and providing us with their ever-valuable feedback.

Here's a small selection of screenshots from our latest build to support this entry. We hope you've enjoyed the update.

10 October 2022

We're pleased to be able to bring you our next Development Update on the F28. The Fokker F28 development team have been hard at work finishing off fixes and upgrades to our four F28 variants following some extensive testing, so we thought now would be the perfect time to show you the latest build.

We’ve talked in previous In Development updates about how vibrant and quirky the F28 cockpit is when compared to other airliners, and these screenshots showing our 8k cockpit with night lighting, a vast array of multi-coloured lamps and annunciators, emphasise just how immersive an environment it is.

We’ve just finished adding our new virtual cabin to all four variants of the F28, with their different fuselage and emergency exit configurations. With our custom views you can sit back and enjoy the unique wing views, including a great view of the tail-mounted engines.

The optional engine hush-kits are shown here for the first time, along with some stunning new liveries, and we’ll soon be showing off some of the systems coding.

We hope you've enjoyed this update, we'll bring you more just as soon as we can.


15 August 2022

A quick update on our Fokker F28 for you.

These shots show previews of the 8K cockpit texture upgrade work.

Our talented artists have been hard at work and the results look stunning in the simulator! It's now down to our coders, sound artist and flight model developer to bring the F28 to life. We hope you enjoy the pics.


03 August 2022

As mentioned in our last development update, the F28 team have been very busy working on extensive upgrades to the cockpit, and here some of the results!

Between the four variants of the F28, and the many operators over its decades of services, no two cockpits are guaranteed to be alike in the real-world. Therefore we have reconfigured the cockpit to match the real aircraft that we visited at the Fokker Technical College, for the most authentic environment possible. Our artists have upgraded the visual fidelity of every area of the cockpit and are now working on even higher texture resolution for pin-sharp clarity, whilst our testing team, which includes F28 flight, engineering and training crew, have been hard at work checking over every inch of the cockpit as development work progresses.

We’ve included some screenshots showing the stunning cockpit lighting. The F28 has a very different look to other airliners, including the hundreds of large and brightly-coloured annunciator and warning lights, adding to the unique and immersive feel of the aircraft.

29 June 2022

It's been a while since we brought you a Dev update on the F28 so we hope you'll enjoy this new entry.

Bringing the Fokker F28 to MSFS has given the opportunity to increase the level of detail and feature list even further as we strive to make each new aircraft our best yet. We have recently been working on a brand-new virtual cabin for the four F28 variants (1000 to 4000), giving you the chance to fly in retro style with open overhead bins and large windows, providing an excellent view of the wings and rear-mounted engines.

We are also working on significant upgrades to the cockpit to take full advantage of MSFS capabilities, and as you’ll have seen with our recent Fokker 100 screenshots, the end result will be worth the wait!

Enjoy these latest shots of the cabin in the F28.

07 January 2022

Here's our first Development Update of the New Year for the F28.

Development work on the aircraft visuals (models, textures, animations and liveries) is pretty much complete now and is undergoing testing, alongside the flight dynamics for each of the four variants (-1000 to -4000).

Systems coding and an extensive custom Wwise sound set are now in progress and we’ll be sharing previews of those in the coming months as we work towards the release later this year.

Enjoy these latest shots!

25 August 2021

Here's a quick update with some new screenshots showing the F-28-2000 variant for the first time, as well as some more cockpit detail pics.

06 August 2021

Here are some new shots showing the latest build of the F28 with daytime shots of the cockpit model/texture detail along with some interesting external shots. Enjoy these latest shots...


27 July 2021

Here are some new shots showing the cockpit night lighting work. And now the cockpit systems coding gets underway...



21 July 2021

Here are some new screenshots showing additional liveries on the F-28-2000 and F-28-4000 variants.

The majority of the exterior texture work is now complete and work moves to internal visuals and coding of the extensive systems. So there's still some way to go in terms of the development process on this one but hopefully these latest shots will give a good indication of the level of quality you'll be looking at for this one. More development updates to follow.

29 June 2021

Development work is now well underway on the F28 Fokker Fellowship and we're glad to be able to showcase this first set of screenshots for you. These are WIP of course but nice to see this new regional jet inside the sim.

More shots and dev entries will follow soon.



Fokker F28 Fellowship
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