DC Designs Concorde MSFS

Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator
DC Designs is delighted to announce the development of their rendition of the world’s most famous airliner, the Aerospatiale / BAC Concorde. Entirely re-built for MSFS, Concorde is designed to be both an accessible and yet highly detailed rendition of this iconic aircraft. The only truly commercial supersonic airliner ever to have flown regular routes, she remains one of the most recognisable aircraft ever built.
This version of Concorde has been the subject of intense study, with both the flight deck and exterior models built with reference to hundreds of high-resolution images taken from retired museum-exhibit Concordes both in Scotland and in Surrey.
A custom flight model governs the aircraft’s subsonic, transonic, supersonic and super-cruise performance envelope, which will allow users to fly the correct Concorde profiles for trans-Atlantic flights, and will require correct handling of the aircraft in order to achieve her famous high-altitude and high-Mach performance ( Mach 2.01 at 55,000ft ).
The vast majority of Concorde’s unique features are present, including the requirement to use a custom-coded fuel management system to maintain correct Centre-of-Gravity balance throughout the flight envelope, fully operational engineer’s station, weather radar, nose-droop mechanism, advanced autopilot system and fly-by-wire controls, along with the ability to super-cruise at Mach 2 without the use of reheat.

The exterior model features 4096 textures for incredible clarity and the latest Physical Based Rendering (PBR) material technology to produce realistic metallic, plastic and glass surfaces. Realistic animations include the famous four-stage nose-droop, undercarriage, inlet ramps, bleed doors, reverse-thrust buckets, control surfaces and all passenger and cargo doors.
Concorde’s flight deck has been modelled with high visual-detail and realism in mind. Literally every single switch, button, dial and knob is 3D modelled and fully animated, including the complete engineer’s station, which will require monitoring during flight to ensure safe and successful operation of the aircraft. 
High-detail 3D model based on extensive research and visits to museum-exhibit aircraft
Fully animated exterior model including all access doors, engine inlet ramps, thrust-reverse buckets and control surfaces
Concorde's famous, multi-stage 'nose droop' and windscreen animations recreated via custom coding
Full interior and exterior night-lighting
PBR textures throughout
Truly 3D virtual cockpit featuring accurate controls and detailed PBR texturing 
3D modelled dials throughout: HSI, ADI, 'whiskey' compass and other high-detail instruments with smooth animations
Captain, First Officer and Engineer's station all operational
Fully modelled passenger cabin with working displays, lighting, access doors and other unique animations
Aircraft modelled and optimised for high-performance on all systems, and for use with Virtual Reality headsets in MSFS VR Mode
Full interior night-lighting ( dimmable )
Accurate flight model with Mach 2 'super-cruise' capability and realistic handling throughout the flight envelope
Custom modelled FMC system 
Custom-coded engineer's station with operationally-required tasks, including fuel management for Centre of Gravity control during high-altitude cruise, along with automated options for control of Concorde during the flight regime.
Full navigation suite with VOR, NDB, ADF radios and Transponder 
Full communication suite with multiple radios
Full multi-mode autopilot system
In-Sim checklist with full Heathrow-to-JFK flight guide
British Airways 1985-1987
British Airways 1998-2003
Air France 1976-2003
Singapore Airlines G-BOAD
A full operations manual and paint kit is included.
• MSFS-native (Wwise) sound package by Sim Acoustics taking full advantage of the simulator’s new sound capabilities both inside the cockpit and around the exterior model.

Development Updates

12 November 2021

Development of the Concorde for MSFS via DC Designs is well underway as you'll appreciate from this initial set of screenshots.

All shots are WIP at this point but you can hopefully start to appreciate where we're heading with this one. For instance note the the droop-snoop exterior shot in comparison to the airborne images and use of full PBR textures throughout.

We aim to bring you regular updates as we head towards the targeted release date of first part of 2022. For now enjoy these first shots.


DC Designs Concorde MSFS
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