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BlueBird Simulations and Just Flight are excited to announce the development of the 757 for MSFS. The 757 first flew on February 19, 1982 and started a new era of digital 2 person flight crew operations.  Through its 20+ year production run, many operators chose the 757 for reliable service. It continues today with dozens of airline and freighter companies using the 757 for their operations.

Our goal is to make this an enjoyable and realistic experience for all simmers. The initial release of this package will focus on the passenger version that uses the CRT screens.  After the initial release we will work on a freighter version and possible upgraded flightdeck layout. See below for an initial list of planned/current features.  More in depth descriptions will be added as the project progresses.

  • Two variants of the 757 will be completed on initial release:
              757-200 passenger version with RR ( E4 variant) and PW engines
              757-300 with RR ( E4 variant)  and PW engines
  • Accurately modelled using hundreds of photos, drawings and manuals
  • Realistic animations including passenger, service and cargo doors, control surfaces and mechanisms
  • 4k PBR textures are utilized along with decals to bring out the smallest of details
  • Authentic labelling and placards based on those found in the real aircraft
  • Realistic wing-flex
  • Custom ground equipment (GPU, cones and chocks)
Captain, Co-Pilot and jump-seat positions modelled with many switches, knobs and levers animated and functional
A truly 3D cockpit environment right down to accurately modelled seat belts and screw heads
Realistic VNAV and FMC that can be linked to the MSFS flight plan
Cockpit textures feature wear and tear based on reference photos taken in the real aircraft to produce an authentic environment
Aircraft configuration system that will allow you to choose between 'cold & dark' or 'ready for take-off'
Many features have been added to help with usability such as the ability to hide the control yokes for a better view of the instruments and pre-set angled views for the overhead and centre pedestal
Developed using the latest MSFS standards, including intuitive and easy-to-use controls for rotary knobs, multi-position switches and levers
Realistic dimmable lighting with over a dozen dimmer switches throughout
Custom-coded hydraulic, electrical, engine bleed, fuel and pressurisation systems
Multiple liveries will be included in the initial release covering all regions around the world
Realistic flight dynamics for each variant designed by current airline pilot based on real world performance and handling data, aircraft manuals, and input from 757 pilots/crew
MSFS-native (Wwise) sound package taking full advantage of the new capabilities

Development Updates

13 February 2024

Welcome to the next Development Update for the 757 200/300. This update comes to you direct from Shervin over at BlueBird Simulations. .

It's been nearly two years since the project was originally announced. In that time much work has been done but six months ago, it was decided to completely redo the systems from the ground up in C++. The main benefit this brought us was we're able to bring much more depth in the systems simulations whilst also giving better performance. The main systems under development right now are the avionics , flight management system, air conditioning and the electrical system. The avionics displays have been mapped out pixel by pixel to ensure complete accuracy. The FMS is being developed to match the real world FMS with all pages being simulated. The electrical system has been rebuilt from the ground up using schematic diagrams to ensure accuracy with almost 500 circuit breakers being mapped to their respective electrical buses.

The air conditioning system is being recreated with accurate simulation of the recirc fans, packs, trim air along with appropriate EICAS messages and more. The rest of the pneumatic system will be worked on as well to high detail including the pressurization system. The IRS system has the L,R, and C systems individually simulated along with variable alignment times based on location ( fixed align time is an option as well). All of the other systems (fuel, hydraulic, APU etc) will get the same attention to detail and we will keep you updated as they progress.

Other areas of the aircraft have progressed nicely , including a new iteration of the virtual cockpit with many new improvements to visual quality and accuracy. The VC textures are currently under work and will look even better than the original visuals. The flight model has been undergoing rigorous testing. Both engine types along with the 300 are getting custom tuned to ensure as accurate a flight model as possible. Work on the custom sounds will also begin shortly. We will update the feature list for the aircraft at a later date to allow us to list all of the functionality in deep detail.

Please enjoy these latest screenshots and keep in mind that everything remains work in progress.

11 April 2023

It's been a while so here's a quick update on how things are shaping up on the 757 200/300. Over the past few months the team at BlueBird Simulations have been putting in some serious hours on the project and although this is a huge project, great progress has been made on various areas. Here's a quick rundown on some of the main updates and enhancements with accompanying screenshots. All WIP of course at this point.

Added fully functional LNAV, VNAV, SID, STAR , holding patterns and more with regards to FMS capabilities.

Custom hydraulic system, IRS, pneumatic system has been implemented. More details will follow as other custom systems are being worked on currently.

Custom spoiler animation based on the different spoiler functions with different extension limits and times.

Work on the virtual cabin has begun.

Numerous additions to the external model including lots of detail on the wings, from all of the flap track mechanisms to the spoiler actuators and wiring harness.

Completely reworked VC textures, animations and various parts. the aim is to show preview of this work around the middle of the year.

The team have recorded dozens of sounds from the real 757 , from the external APU start up and shut down, hydraulic pumps, inside the flight deck will feature all of the aural warnings, to switches/ knobs, ambient sounds, and internal engine sounds from both the PW and RR engines.

Continuation of work on the high quality exterior textures, currently still WIP.

We hope you've enjoyed this brief update and the accompanying screenshots, we'll bring you more as we see further progress on the 757 during the summer months.

22 July 2022

Here's the next development update covering the 752 200/300, sorry for the delay since the last update. It's been a busy busy time!

Over the last few months, we have focused a lot on getting the VC animations complete along with working on the FMS ( Flight Management System ) and flight dynamics. The VC animations are 90% complete. However, many switches still need to be integrated into the systems. From the FMS perspective, several pages on the FMC, certain AP functions, Navigation display , PFD are functioning. Without revealing too much it's worth emphasising that the FMS is a huge priority. After the FMS is complete, we will work on the other systems of the aircraft.

On the exterior model, we have focused mainly on the landing gear. Still a lot of parts left to do but it is coming along nicely. The textures are unchanged from the last update but these are really just placeholder textures. A lot of detailed work is still left to do to really bring the textures to life.

The flight model has received attention too. However, there is much left to do here. We plan on integrating two different flight models. One will be aimed at “easier flying” while the other is aimed at maximum realism within the simulator limitations.

We hope you enjoy these WIP pics and the update has helped to give you an idea of where we are with this pretty enormous project. Thanks for reading.

13 April 2022

Here's our very first Development Update covering the 757 200/300 since the initial announcement a while back.

It's been almost two months since that initial announcement about this exciting project so we thought it was about time we provided an update. We've been steadily progressing on the model/systems and flight dynamics. The VC has gone through some extensive improvements since our last update with sharper textures and more detailed parts now included.

The exterior model is around 50-60% complete including textures. Systems and flight dynamics are progressing nicely but it'll be several months before we can give more details on those aspects of the project.

Our aim is to provide updates for you on a regular basis, around every 4 to 6 weeks hopefully. In the meantime here are a set of Work In Progress screenshots for you to enjoy. Click on each shot to enlarge and view as a gallery.

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