Two new VFR NexGen 3D Demo's

Demo's now available for Vol. 2 (Central England & North Wales) and Vol. 4 (Scotland)
21 October 2019

Demo's are now available for the Vol. 2 (Central England & North Wales) and Vol. 4 (Scotland) areas of our NexGen 3D photographic scenery for P3D and FSX.

The Volume 2 Demo (107MB) provides around 700 square kilometres of the north Wales coast around the airport at Llanbedr, stretching from just above Barmouth to beyond Porthmadog. The area covered reaches inland to the first set of Welsh coastal mountains and includes towns, forests, lakes and accurate power lines.

The Volume 4 Demo (91MB) covers a section of the north-east coast, just north of Inverness, from RAF Kinloss across the bay to the Cromarty Firth, including Invergordon and some of the 'Rig Graveyard' there. The area includes densely forested areas, intricate sandbanks and many towns and villages. The default scenery in this area is not exactly impressive - there are several lines of 'land' running across the firth and terrain gremlins everywhere. There is also a ferry that moves aimlessly (often sideways) and sinks repeatedly!  The Demo scenery nicely rectifies all the default terrain problems, but if you are seeing the mad ferry you need to turn ferry traffic down to 10% or lower to get rid of it.

The map below shows the area covered in each of the four VFR Real Scenery NexGen 3D volumes - click on the map for an expanded version.

VFR Real Scenery NexGen 3D map - coverage for each volume