New v1.1 edition of Steam Gauge Overhaul - Analog Caravan

Now includes over 90 unique failures, engine performance improvements and a complete simulation of the environmental control system!
2 August 2022

Black Square's Steam Gauge Overhaul - Analog Caravan MSFS add-on now includes over 90 unique failures for nearly every system on board the aircraft.

These failures can be triggered randomly by assigning them a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), or scheduled manually, via an interface in the cockpit. Failures and engine condition are persistent between flights, leaving you to discover sneaky systems failures while completing your checklists.

The new failure system will be expanded and included in all future Steam Gauge Overhaul aircraft, starting with the upcoming King Air.

Also included in todays v1.1 update are major improvements to the Analog Caravan's engine performance and a complete simulation of the aircraft's environmental controls, which will also be standard in future Steam Gauge Overhaul add-ons. Users can learn how to keep passengers comfortable with the in-panel cabin temperature gauge, by opening a window, turning on the A/C, or activating bleed air, and the aircraft will even heat up in the sun.

See the video below for more information and the Support page for the full list of v1.1 updates. You can view the updated manual here.

Steam Gauge Overhaul - Analog Caravan