New issue of PC Pilot now on sale

Review awards for our 146 Professional and the DC Designs Concorde for MSFS!
16 June 2022

The new issue of PC Pilot magazine (No. 140, July/August 2022) is now available and among all the other good stuff in the new issue are reviews of our 146 Professional for MSFS and the DC Designs MSFS Concorde add-on.

We're pleased to see that reviewers enjoyed their time flying both aircraft, with the 146 getting a Platinum Award with a score of 96/100 and Concorde getting the Classic Product award and a score of 85/100!

See below for a few of the reviewer's comments and head over to the PC Pilot website to order a copy or take out a subscription.

"Just Flight has done an excellent job with the 146 Professional and it really comes into its own on the MFS platform. From a visual standpoint, the aircraft is superb, both inside and out. The flight deck is equally impressive."

"Just Flight has custom-coded the core systems to a very high level of detail."

"Just Flight has raised the bar with this excellent rendition of the BAe 146. An authentic flight model backed up by high-quality visual detail and superb systems simulation."

146 Professional (MSFS)
"A very flyable, enjoyable and immersive representation of Concorde."

"In my mind, DC Designs has struck just the right balance with this add-on. I was grateful that its complexity was just enough to require a different approach to flying and some degree of accurate pre-planning but it wasn't onerous enough to take away from the main pleasure of flying Concorde."

"The exterior modelling is excellent."

"It's fair to say that this version of the Concorde gives you the elementary details of what it feels like to be in control of such a beast in a straightforward and accessible way. In our mind it allows for a more immersive and enjoyable experience."

DC Designs Concorde (MSFS)