New September/October edition of PC Pilot magazine

Two great reviews and previews of our forthcoming 146 Professional, Tornado F3 and Fokker F28 Fellowship!
20 August 2020

The latest issue (No. 129, September/October 2020) of PC Pilot dropped through our letterboxes this morning and should be in the shops shortly. You can, of course, order a copy from the PC Pilot website.

We were most pleased to see two of our recent releases getting glowing reviews, both with scores of 95/100.

The X-Plane 11 Air Hauler 2 review says, "With many layers of complexity and different ways to approach playing, Air Hauler 2 brings incentive and goals to everyday flying... A fantastic utility that adds purpose and scope to X-Plane 11 flying."

Here's the PC Pilot verdict on the DC Designs F-15 C, E & I Eagle: "Superb and comprehensive package from DC Designs... This is a fine depiction of the F-15 that will give you a real feel for flying this fast jet... Once you get to grips with the extra speed, it's great fun to fly and behaves as expected without any real surprises. The package includes a good selection of variants, with a number of different liveries, Consequently I have no hesitation in recommending it to all our readers."

More than a few pages are devoted to interviews with Martyn, head of the Just Flight Development Team, who discusses at length the development and current state of several of our forthcoming add-ons which are slated for release later this year: 146 Professional (for P3D v4/v5 & for X-Plane 11), Fokker F28 Fellowship (for P3D & FSX) and Tornado F3 (for P3D and FSX).

Also included in the new issue, and likely to be of interest to most of us, is an interesting interview with Microsoft and Asobo Studio, the developers of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

146 Professional: For P3D v4/v5 / For X-Plane 11

146 Professional (for P3D v4/v5)

Fokker F28 Fellowship

Tornado F3