Prepar3D v4 software updates

Here's the latest list!
29 September 2017

Prepar3D v4

There are still plenty of add-ons being updated for P3D v4 compatibility and so we've compiled a list of add-ons from all developers whose products we sell which have been updated so far for the latest version of Prepar3D:

Add-ons updated for P3D v4

One aircraft which just missed the list is the Simworks Studios F-4B/N Phantom II, but that too has now been updated for P3D v4.

As always, we'll continue to email buyers who subscribe to our email communications about updates for the software they have purchased, and you can find all the updated P3D v4 add-ons, as well as the new releases for this platform, in the P3D v4 add-ons pages of the website.