New issue of PC Pilot magazine out now

Duchess Model 76 for X-Plane 12 and SC Designs' MSFS F-5E Tiger II reviewed!
24 June 2024

The new issue of PC Pilot magazine (No. 162, July/August 2024) is now available and we're pleased to see that the PC Pilot crew took the time to have a good look at the Duchess Model 76 for X-Plane 12 and SC Designs' MSFS F-5E Tiger II - the cover star of the new issue.

See below for a few of the review comments!

If you can't find the latest issue of PC Pilot in the shops, it's also available as an E-magazine or you can take out a subscription on the PC Pilot website.

And finally, a quick heads-up for all X-Plane 12 pilots - the new PA-28R Arrow III for X-Plane 12 is scheduled for release in the next couple of weeks - see the In Development page for all the details and the latest screenshots!

"Thranda Design has made the most of X-Plane 12's enhanced visuals and physics engine and created a realistic rendition of the Beechcraft Duchess Model 76. It is an attractive aircraft that has been well modelled and textured, and its handling characteristics are particularly impressive."

"Thanks to 8K interior and exterior textures, PBR materials and surfaces that respond to dynamic conditions, the model does indeed look every bit the sleek machine that it is in real life."

"It suits X-Plane 12's enhanced physics and control behaviour, and the accompanying sounds are also well recorded."

"I jumped into the aircraft and was immediately impressed at the level of detail via the tablet."

Duchess Model 76 for X-Plane 12

"SC Designs F-5E Tiger II is fun to fly and very challenging in certain flight regimes. A good job has been done of balancing the complexity of the aircraft systems with usability and most sim pilots will enjoy the performance. Just don't expect it to fly like an arcade game fighter!"

"Enough systems simulation, handling and features to keep you entertained and challenged without breaking the bank."

 SC Designs F-5E Tiger II (MSFS)