Major update for Black Square's MSFS TBM 850

Aerodynamics, Beta and requested features!
19 October 2023

Black Square's study level TBM 850 for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been getting some rave reviews since its release and now the v1.1 update for this amazing aircraft provides an even more impressive level of realism!

See below for a summary of the new and updated features - the full list can be found on the TBM 850 Support page.

Check out this YouTube playlist for the latest reviews of the aircraft and see the Black Square TBM 850 page on the Just Flight website for several tutorial videos and full details of all the aircraft features!

Major Aerodynamics Improvements

  • Control surface dimensions now match the POH values
  • Increased stability in gusty or turbulent conditions
  • Increased propeller drag for less floating
  • Correct propeller beta angle and smoother torque
  • Improved torque & ITT tables for more accurate performance
  • Increased take-off torque effects & accurate trim positions
Black Square TBM 850 for MSFS

Improved Icing Effects & De-icing Boots

  • Inflating de-icing boots with accurate sequencing
  • Ice on the windows will now crystallise from the outside-in
  • Airframe ice will remain when leading edge ice is shed
  • Heated cowlings will now de-ice separately
Black Square TBM 850 for MSFS

St. Elmo’s Fire & Static Discharge

  • Airframe electrical charge calculation
  • Windshield static discharge effects
  • Static wick St. Elmo's Fire corona discharge
Black Square TBM 850 for MSFS

Functional Wheel Chocks

  • Chocks will keep the aircraft still, so brakes can be released
  • Chocks are retrieved and deployed in baggage compartment
Black Square TBM 850 for MSFS

Improved Exterior Lighting & New Strobes

  • Brighter landing, navigation and taxi lights
  • Landing light housing illumination visible from cockpit
  • New disorienting strobe light bounce effect in clouds
  • Solar calculations for smooth cockpit display backlighting
Black Square TBM 850 for MSFS