Summer updates for the Black Square MSFS fleet

Dukes, TBM 850, Analog Baron and Bonanza, Velocity XL and more!
18 June 2024

Numerous updates for the Black Square MSFS fleet are currently in the works for the months ahead - read on to get all the latest information from their developer, Nick Cyganski...

It can be difficult to maintain eight virtual aircraft as a one-man team while still leaving time to develop new aircraft. This was recently compounded by an extended wait for SU15, which contained several changes that significantly affected my aircraft. I also like to add new features with each update to improve the systems in my aircraft, or the quality of my users’ experience. Luckily the wait is now over, and the entire Black Square fleet will receive updates this summer.

Piston and Turbine Dukes

The Piston and Turbine Dukes just received their first update since release, which included a two-page changelog of minor bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. There are new tablet options for VR users and an option for hardware control of the autopilot pitch control knob. Also, Control Wheel Steering (CWS) has been added, and beyond the critical altitude turbocharged mixture control improved.

Black Square - Piston & Turbine Duke Bundle

TBM 850

The Black Square TBM 850 will receive a major free update after FlightSimExpo 2024 (June 21-23), which will include all of the new features developed for the Turbine Duke. Improvements include wing flex, new exterior elements, new turbine engine failures, SU15 ground handling physics, CWS and autopilot coupling capability for the KNS-80 RNAV Navigator.

 Black Square - TBM 850

Black Square’s tablet interface will also be included, which features a user-friendly way to access the persistent options for the aircraft, payload configurator, turbine engine visualizer, cabin climate visualizer, live electrical schematic and 100+ possible failures.

Black Square - TBM 850

The tablet’s visualizers necessitate a higher level of simulational accuracy in many aspects of the aircraft, so the Black Square TBM 850 will also receive improved environmental control simulation, equipment temperature calculations and external power logic.

Black Square - TBM 850


Black Square’s Starship will also feature this tablet interface and all the features developed for the Turbine Duke. Check out the recent News item to see the first screenshots and read about some of the new features being developed for the Starship.

Black Square - Starship

Analog Baron & Bonanza

Next, the Analog Baron and Analog Bonanza will receive sizeable updates to include many of the features created for more recent Black Square aircraft. Some of the new features include Black Square’s gyroscope physics simulation, voltage-based light dimming, new strobe light effects in clouds, solar brightness calculation for screen photocell dimmers, KNS-81 autopilot coupling, CWS, SU15 ground handling physics and functional weather radar gain. The turbocharged variants of both aircraft will also receive the same mixture control improvement as the Piston Duke.

 Steam Gauge Overhaul - Analog Baron & Bonanza Bundle

Velocity XL

Black Square’s first aircraft, the Velocity XL, will receive an update to support the new Working Title G3X Touch avionics suite and the new ground handling physics, both added in SU15. Both PMS50 GTN and TDS GTNxi can be expected to pair with the GTX, though this functionality is only in beta at the time of writing. Black Square’s Velocity XL was previously updated to include the same turbocharger simulation as newer Black Square aircraft, a functioning environmental control system, inflatable door seals for noise reduction and many new and improved sounds throughout.

Black Square - Velocity XL

Analog King Air & Caravan

The Analog King Air and Analog Caravan will also receive maintenance updates with bug fixes and a few new features such as KNS-80 autopilot coupling, CWS, weather radar gain, solar screen brightness calculation and SU15 ground handling physics. It is also my plan to create stand-alone versions of all four Steam Gauge Overhaul aircraft for MSFS 2024, freeing them of the limitations imposed by the default exterior models. These aircraft will include all the features of recent Black Square aircraft and any applicable new technology made available in MSFS 2024.

Lastly, Just Flight will be submitting the Dukes, TBM and Velocity to Asobo for Marketplace approval in concert with these updates. Hopefully you can expect to see them available via the Marketplace in the coming months.

If you're attending the FlightSimExpo 2024 event  in Las Vegas (21-23 June) be sure to head over to the Just Flight stand for a chat with Nick and the Just Flight team about these updates and all our other upcoming projects!