Black Square MSFS Dukes - important notes about the aircraft

Sim Update 15, ground handling physics and the Working Title GNS 530/430
9 May 2024

Those of you who have been closely following the development of the Black Square Simulation Dukes will be aware that we were hoping to wait for SU15 before releasing the aircraft. After another delay of indefinite length, however, and the recommendation of many loyal fans, we have decided to release the aircraft without any further delay.

There are only two features in the Dukes which benefit from Simulator Update 15 (SU15): the ground handling physics and the Working Title GNS 530/430.  Users of other Black Square aircraft are probably already familiar with a bug introduced into the WT GNS GPS in Sim Update 14 that has yet to be resolved.

For this reason, the installers will ask users, "Do you have the MSFS Sim Update 15 Beta Installed?"

YES - The aircraft will be installed with no limitations.
NO - The aircraft will be fully functional with the single exception of the WT GNS 530/430, which will be temporarily disabled.

Users who have already followed the instructions to patch their WT GNS to remove this bug should select "Yes".

When SU15 is released, you can simply re-run the installer, click "Yes", and enjoy the WT GNS without waiting for a product update. For experienced users, these instructions can be used to patch the WT GNS without installing SU15 Beta.

We hope that this compromise allows newcomers to the Black Square fleet to enjoy all the features of the Duke on SU14 with the temporary exception of the WT GNS 530/430 GPS option, while allowing those on SU15 Beta (or those who have made the necessary modification to their GNS 530) to enjoy the aircraft with the WT GNS without delay.

 Black Square - Piston Duke (MSFS)

 Black Square - Turbine Duke (MSFS)