146 Professional Development update - 1 May 2020

Exterior model, electrical system, air conditioning and pressurisation
1 May 2020

Here's an update on the latest development progress on our forthcoming 146 Professional add-on...

Exterior model

We have recently finished work on the 146-100 exterior model and PBR materials, an important milestone in the project as we near completion on the visuals.

A low-poly cabin has been modelled, featuring a typical one-class seating layout with forward and aft galley. The two passenger doors and two cabin service doors are realistically animated and controlled individually using a custom 2D panel.

We have also modelled the lightweight folding airstairs fitted to the forward passenger door. In combination with aircraft systems such as the APU, this gives the option of autonomous operations at airfields that lack infrastructure.

A couple of animated pilots have been added to the cockpit – if you look closely you might recognise them as a couple of our team!

146 Professional

The cockpit offers great visibility in all directions and therefore we have included highly detailed wings and engines as part of the cockpit model for greater immersion.

Our paint shop is busy with the 146-100 liveries and we have posted previews of the Dan-Air London, BAe demonstrator, Air France Express, Formula One, PSA schemes. This Jersey European aircraft has just left the hangar.

146 Professional

Work has now begun on the extended 200 and 300 variants before we move on to the QT/QC, RAF and RJ variants.

Air conditioning and pressurisation

The air conditioning and pressurisation system is now fully coded and undergoing testing. We have simulated both the automatic and manual modes, as well as the ground testing mode.

146 Professional

The system features accurate cabin altitude schedule and pressure differential based on the real aircraft documentation and is fitted with a rate of change selector which will require attention if you are carrying out a steep descent.

The bleed air system is simulated so availability of bleed air from the engines and APU will affect the system's ability to control pressurisation and cabin temperature. Independent cockpit and cabin temperature controls are provided, and the temperatures are affected by the outside air temperature, so you will need to keep passenger comfort in mind when operating from warm locations!

146 Professional

Electrical system

The electrical system coding is in progress and this critical system will also be highly functional.

146 Professional

All the different electrical power sources are simulated: external AC and DC, APU and the two engine-driven generators. The 146 has a high level of redundancy and bus-ties allow these sources to be connected to two primary busbars. AC and DC power supplies are fed from these to a variety of other systems and avionics.

In addition to the normal busbars, essential and emergency busbars are also simulated in case of failures. Automatic and manual modes will be available to give you full control over the system.

146 Professional

There are more details and lots more screenshots available on the 146 Professional page - we'll share more development details with you soon.