New UK airfield and airport scenery packages

Xtreme Airports and VFR Airfields

If you're a regular flyer around the UK, a new selection of scenery add-ons from the acclaimed scenery-meister Gary Summons (UK2000) will greatly improve your surroundings at landing and take-off!

The VFR Airfields packages for FSX are large compilations of UK airports in regional packages, each featuring dozens of detailed and accurate upgraded airports. Land at a better looking airport for £34.99 / €43.95 / $52.99 per package.

The Xtreme Airports packages are compatible with both FSX and FS2004 and each include two major British airports in impressive detail - each one is priced at £26.99 / €33.75 / $40.99.

See the website pages for the full lists of included airports and all the details.

These add-ons are all Boxed editions, but P&P to UK addresses is free!

Xtreme Airports (for FSX & FS2004)

Vol. 1: Stansted & London City
Vol. 2: Heathrow & Gatwick
Vol. 3: Manchester & Liverpool
Vol. 4: Birmingham & Bristol
Vol. 5: Newcastle & Belfast

VFR Airfields (for FSX)
Vol. 1: Southern England & South Wales (78 airports)
Vol. 2: Central England & Mid Wales (81 airports)
Vol. 3: Northern England & North Wales (73 airports)
Scotland Vol. 1: Western Isles, Shetland & Orkney (22 airports)