MilViz F-15E Strike Eagle review

"MilViz has created a true work of art"
12 September 2012
The reviewer at Aerosoft Sim News has been enjoying the amazing MilViz F-15E Strike Eagle for FSX as much as we have!

"Milviz has created a true work of art. The F-15E has been beautifully rendered in FSX. The visuals are excellent, the cockpits are amazing and every feature you’d expect from a military aircraft (and more!) are somewhere on the aircraft"
"A superbly detailed virtual cockpit. Every single detail is accounted for, right down to some wear and tear on the metal components"
"I can only give so many adjectives to describe how awesome the cockpit looks"
"The exterior is amazing looking. Each bolt, rivet and seam is modeled in detail"
Check out the review here, and we'll leave the reviewer to sum up this exceptional add-on:

"If you are looking for an F-15, look no further. If you’re looking for something awesome to fly, you’ve found it"

We couldn't agree more! If you like the sound of all that, the MilViz F-15E is on sale now by Download, priced at £26.50 / €33.65 / $39.99.
MilViz F-15E Strike Eagle