SR-71 Blackbird

Compatibility: Flight Simulator 2004

New York to London in under two hours? It can only be the SR-71 Blackbird! This long-range strategic reconnaissance plane is probably the most exciting aircraft ever to fly. Now virtual pilots can experience a form of aviation in FS2004 normally reserved for a very select group of flyers. Stand by for an extremely fast ride! From the subtle sheen of the black paintwork to the menacing engine intakes, the sinister beauty of the SR-71 has been perfectly captured in this brilliant re-creation.

On 1st September 1974, Major James V. Sullivan (Pilot) and Noel F. Widdifield (RSO) shot across a radar-checked start line 80,000 feet above New York at a speed of over 2,000mph. Exactly 1 hour, 54 minutes and 56.4 seconds later they had set a new world speed record from New York to London. Their average speed was 1,807 statute mph over the 3,461 statute mile course, only slowing down once to refuel from a modified KC-135 tanker. The aircraft, which still holds a clutch of world records, was put on static display at the Farnborough Air Show that week. This was the first time the top secret aircraft had been on public display outside the United States.

The SR-71 Blackbird is the most famous reconnaissance aircraft ever to fly. It was renowned for its distinctive shape, dominated by the two giant engines, the all-over black livery and its ability to fly at up to three times the speed of sound. It could gaze down from enormous altitudes and keep tabs on Uncle Sam's enemies around the globe.

Detailed features

Authentic GMax-built model
Fully working afterburners with modelled effect for realistic appearance
The model drips fuel on the ground - just like the real thing! Watch the fuel puddles grow beneath the wings
Animated engine air intake spikes move according to speed
Animated exhaust petals
Animated pilot figures
Operating cockpit canopies
Animated realistic-looking drag-chute for braking on the ground
Operating in-flight refuelling bay door
All flight surfaces are animated
Unique three-wheel main gears
Designed to be easy to operate and fly
Functional 2D panel
Clickable and animated VC (Virtual Cockpit)
Operating HUD (Head-Up Display)
Authentic sounds including realistic start-up sounds
Designed to fly at mach 3.3 and FL 850
Printed manual

Seven liveries are included

9th Reconnaissance Wing '17974'
9th Reconnaissance Wing '17975'
9th Reconnaissance Wing '17976'
No. 17972.
Duxford Air Museum "17962"

"It truly offers a unique experience!" Aircraft illustrated

"Reviewing this plane has been nothing but a pleasure. The look of the plane, the way the plane flies, the sounds and the animations are all top notch"

"The visual model, the flight model, the sounds, effects and animations are all excellent... Flying the SR-71 Blackbird is an exciting and memorable experience, with its speed and altitude taking Flight Simulator close to its limits" Simulation News

"I can assure you that this is an experience not to miss... Enjoyable is an understatement" Flight Times

"To sum it up, I would at least suggest that everyone interested in this type of aircraft take a flight over to the Just Flight website to take a closer look at this package. My feelings towards this aircraft are as follows; I like it, I regularly use it, and if I ever needed to, I would buy it again. Most aircraft in my inventory don't get half the attention that I give this bird"

"Just about anybody who enjoys the idea of flying high and fast might take a look at this addon, because it offers a rare opportunity to explore the limits of Flight Simulator"

"The model is very impressive and one can tell that quite a bit of work and pride went into the making of this product"

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
  • Pentium IV 1.7 GHz
  • 512Mb RAM
  • 64Mb 3D graphics card
  • Windows XP
  • 225 Mb hard drive space minimum
  • DVD-ROM drive
PEGI rated 3
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Packshot for SR-71 Blackbird The world's most famous and distinctive reconnaissance aircraft is modelled for FS2004 in seven liveries and features include fully working afterburners, functional 2D panel and 3D virtual cockpit, operating HUD, realistic sounds and animated flight surfaces.

There's a realistic brake parachute and the animated engine air intake spikes move according to the aircraft's speed. This model even drips fuel on the ground just like the real thing!
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