Spitfire (Boxed)

Compatibility: Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator 2002, Combat Flight Sim 3, Combat Flight Sim 2

All the aircraft in Spitfire can now get airborne in FSX with our free update!

The most famous and charismatic fighter aircraft of all time takes command of the simulated skies in a definitive Spitfire expansion - Spitfire contains 39 aircraft that span 14 different marks of Supermarine’s legendary fighter. All models are FS2004/2002-compatible; five variants run with CFS3 and two with CFS2. Each variant has been thoroughly researched for authenticity and accuracy. Subtle differences between the various marks are modelled, including four separate styles of throttle quadrant, landing gear controls and other equipment. No two models are the same – just like the real aircraft! This Spitfire package includes flight models, liveries, 2D cockpits, virtual cockpits, panels, sounds and instruments that are all reproduced to a phenomenal level of accuracy and authenticity. A bonus inclusion is period scenery of RAF Duxford.

Ask any pilot which aircraft from history they would love to fly and the answer is invariably the Spitfire. Iconic, evocative and with a beauty of line that has never been equalled, the Spitfire demands the very best in flight simulation design to bring it to life in the simulated skies.
Expert vintage aircraft developers Aeroplane Heaven have combined the artistry of 1930s design and the accuracy of 21st century techniques in the definitive Spitfire expansion. The range of models featured begins appropriately with the prototype K5054 and reaches its zenith at the Griffon-engined Mk 22. Spitfire is rounded off with period scenery of RAF Duxford that includes the airfield, village and immediate surroundings.

Spitfire comes with a totally unique multimedia presentation that guides you through every aspect of flying this amazing aeroplane.


Prototype FS2004/2
K5054 in blue/grey factory finish with 'new types' No. 2 on fuselage 

Mk1 early FS2004/2
K9906 Robert Stanford Tuck 65 Squadron Hornchurch August 1940
K9854 Wilfred Clouston 19 Squadron Duxford October 1939

Mk1A FS2004/2 and CFS3
P9386 Brian Lane Fowlmere September 1940
K9953 Adolf 'Sailor' Malan, 74 Squadron, Hornchurch May/June 1940
R6690 John Dundas 609 Squadron Middle Wallop August 1940
P9433 Constantine Pegge 610 Squadron Biggin Hill August 1940  

Mk1B (cannon) FS2004/2 and CFS3
R6908 Brian Kingcome 92 Squadron Biggin Hill November 1940  

Mk2A FS2004/2
P7966 Douglas Bader Tangmere Wing March 1941
P7849 'Armagh' Walter Lawson 19 Squadron Fowlmere June 1941
P8081 'Garfield Weston IV' Adolphe Vybiral 312 Czech 1941
P7350 RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - Painted as L1067 XT-D 603 Squadron, RAuxAF  

MkVc FS2004/2 and CFS3 (and 2 for CFS2)
AR501 310 Czech Squadron Exeter 1942 (clipped wing)
XR-K 334th Pursuit Squadron USAAF
BS295 R.Caldwell 80 Fighter Wing 1 TAF RAAF Darwin 1943 (For CFS 2 also).
A58-178 'UP –G' 79 Squadron RAAF East Asia (tropical filter) (For CFS 2 also)

MkVb FS2004/2 and CFS3
BM144 J. Zumbach 303 Polish Squadron
AB910 BBMF Painted as AB502 IR-G
VCS-7 (US Navy) D-Day gun spotter Cruiser Scouting Squadron 7
AR364 234 Squadron D-Day support fighter (Later Merlin 6 stack)  

MkIX FS2004/2
MH434 222 Squadron 1943 (different gun configuration)
NL-P 341 Squadron Free French 1944
MK732 332 Squadron Royal Dutch Air Force 1950s
MK356 443 Squadron RCAF 1944  

Mk IXE (clipped-wing broad blade rudder) FS2004/2
MK356 RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - Painted as 21-V , 443 Squadron RCAF (short Chord)
(ex PV304) 41-416, 725 Squadron Royal Danish Air Force Karup 1947
194 R. A.Berg, (Norwegian) 132 Wing 2nd TAF 1945
OK –BXD Czech Air Police Frontier Patrol 1946  

Mk IX T Two-seat trainer FS2004/2
MJ627 441 Squadron (display colours only) (ex IAC162)
Civilian Reg: G-AIDN Blue/White livery  

F XIV E (Griffon) High Back FS2004/2 &CFS3
RM 908 152 Squadron SEAC 1946
RN 135 J.H. 'Ginger' Lacey 17 Squadron 1945  

F XIV E (Griffon) low-back clipped-wing FS2004/2
SG127 BAF Fighter School Coxyde
TZ112 TAF No2 Squadron Wahn, Germany, 1948  

PR XIX (Griffon) High Back PR version FS2004/2
PS915 RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - Painted as 81 Squadron 'The Last!' 1945 (vertical camera)
F11 Wing, Skavsta, Nykoping. Swedish Air Force (oblique camera)  

Mk22 (Griffon) Low Back FS2004/2
PK 428 603 Squadron R Aux AF Turnhouse 1949
PK 656 73 Squadron Ta Kali Malta 1949
K 682 80 Squadron Kai Tak Hong Kong 1951 

"Stunning and immensely enjoyable" Flightsim.com

"The manual and interactive guide make this a wonderful learning tool for flying this type of aircraft" FSimCafe

"The 2D & 3D cockpits, panels, sounds and instruments have all been reproduced to a phenomenal level of accuracy and detail... The exterior model is amazing...The lines are ultra smooth and the engine sounds like the real thing. Despite the awesome modelling my sim performance didn’t take a hit with the frame rates remaining steady and smooth" FSStation.com

"The pleasure, flying time, experimentation, visits to other airfields, and practicing flying displays will make this package one of the best you ever purchase... The Virtual Cockpit is a joy, and the traditional 2D cockpit is very good too... This is a super package... Could it be any better?" Avsim.com

Take a look at the innovative Spitfire manual!

   Filesize: 16.3Mb

System Requirements:

  • Flight Simulator X (FSX SP1 compatible), FS2004/2002 or Combat Flight Simulator 3/2
  • 2.5GHz PC
  • 512Mb RAM (1.0Gb for FSX)
  • 64Mb 3D graphics card (128Mb for FSX)
  • Windows XP
  • 1.5Gb free hard drive space
  • NB - Currently Spitfire is not compatible with FSX Acceleration pack or SP2
PEGI rated 12
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Packshot for Spitfire (Boxed) Spitfire includes 39 aircraft spanning 14 different marks of Supermarine's legendary fighter. All models are compatible with FS2004 and FS2002; five variants run in CFS3 and two in CFS2.

Subtle differences between the marks are modelled, including four separate styles of throttle quadrant, landing gear controls and other equipment. No two models are the same - just like the real aircraft. A bonus inclusion is period scenery of RAF Duxford.
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