Rescue Pilot Mission Pack (Boxed)

Compatibility: Flight Simulator X

You are a pilot of an air rescue medical service and your job is to respond to any emergency calls that are received at your home base. A typical day for a Just Flight Rescue Pilot could find him airlifting an injured person from a car accident, picking up a stranded mountaineer or flying a life-or-death dash with a vital medical cargo. The work is always challenging - but never dull - and the job satisfaction is immense!

Rescue Pilots must use their flying experience to the full in a variety of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft to complete the missions but there is also a choice of settings to match an individual’s skill levels.

The twelve authentic missions with realistic ATC and convincing scenarios will keep virtual rescuers glued to their joysticks. It’s time to get airborne and do your bit!


You will be flying missions in a variety of both fixed wing and rotary aircraft. All the aircraft are supplied in authentic custom rescue liveries with three base paint schemes to choose from, and a paint tool lets you create additional liveries.

  • Helicopter: Bell 206 Jet Ranger
  • Single-engined propeller aircraft: C172
  • Multi-engined propeller aircraft: King Air
  • Multi-engined jet aircraft: Learjet

Every mission starts with aircraft selection. You select one of the provided aircraft to fly by 'walking' from your building to the chosen aircraft. Sometimes a mission will be flyable in either a helicopter or a fixed-wing aircraft, but sometimes a certain aircraft type is required to complete the mission. The mission briefing will provide enough information to help you make the sensible choice.

At the custom-built company base your chosen company name will be displayed on the company building.


Twelve missions, over both land and sea, are included, ranging from a car accident to organ transport, mountain rescue, Search and Rescue, rescue from ice and more.

The missions include custom objects, sounds and effects.

The mission settings (the environment of each mission) are custom built, with special effects such as fire and explosions as well as new and animated objects. The aim is to give you the feeling of 'being there'.

Realistic ATC (Air Traffic Control) - Rescue Pilot simulates ATC and real-world procedures as realistically as possible. Your co-pilot will handle communications with the airfields, en-route ATC, the local Rescue Control Centre, police, hospital staff, mountain rescue and the Coast Guard.

The missions involve the ‘Linkmis - Linking Motion’. This element comes into use when walking to aircraft and changing aircraft.

Different settings to help users of varying abilities can be selected - e.g. the time to complete missions and/or weather settings.

Be prepared for unexpected changes - a routine flight can turn into a challenge! Of course, medals and rewards are awarded for success!

"Carefully planned, programmed and graphically rich flying challenges! Just Flight has done a really creative job of cranking up the tension, the drama and adding a very believable sense of urgency to your selected mission... A wonderful, unique package of flying challenges that will keep you busy for a lot longer than you planned on!... Rescue Pilot is a winner in far more ways than one!" Cyber Skies

"A challenging pack of theme-based missions that will test and please you... good value for money" PC Pilot (Classic Product Award)

"Many aspects of this add-on are innovative and immerse the user in a world of rescue flying that I have yet to see in another package... Missions are not easy things to put together, particularly when they include multiple skins, additional scenery items and lots of speaking parts... So I feel the team at Just Flight have done a great job... if you are into FSX missions I can recommend this product 100%."

"The missions in the main are great fun to fly, and rewarding for all your efforts... I loved it. It has provided me hours of fun... Rescue Pilot Mission Expansion offers great value, considering the hours of fun you will have flying any one of the 12 missions...A real quality product"

"The product is amazingly realistic, exciting and without fault, except that a real rescue pilot wouldn’t fly on different aircraft types. With some practice everyone can get a sense of achievement. Rescue Pilot is an exciting enrichment for FSX and a niche with a future" FlightXpress magazine

System Requirements:

  • Flight Simulator X (Requires FSX Service Pack 2 or Acceleration to be installed) 
  • PC with 2.5GHz+ processor 
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 128Mb+ 3D graphics card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • 1Gb hard drive space
  • DVD-ROM drive
PEGI rated 3
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Packshot for Rescue Pilot Mission Pack (Boxed) You're flying for an air rescue medical service and these twelve authentic missions, complete with realistic ATC and convincing scenarios, will test your flying skills in a variety of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.

There's a choice of difficulty settings in missions over land and sea which include custom objects, sounds and effects. You even have a co-pilot on board to handle communications!
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