Mosquito Special Ops - Upgrade Pack A

Compatibility: Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004



(Note - you will need our Mosquito add-on to be able to add these additional packs.)

B. Mk IV Bulged bomb bay
'AZ-X' DZ637 Series II of Number 627 Squadron, No5 group, flown by Fg Off Ronnie F Pate and Flt Lt Edward A Jackson, Woodhall Spa , 3rd July 1944. A special bulged bomb bay was added to these aircraft to enable them to carry a 'Cookie' 4,000lb bomb. AZ-X participated in the famous raid on Gestapo headquarters in Oslo which was a typical example of the prowess of the Mosquito in low-level pin-point bombing raids.

BOAC Unarmed high speed courier
G-AGFV High speed courier aircraft operated by British Overseas Airways (BOAC) and adapted to carry one passenger in an extremely compact  compartment in the bomb bay on high speed envoy missions. The BOAC markings were a pale attempt at trying to convey to the enemy that the aircraft was unarmed. The Mosquito's enviable high speed performance was a very handy defence.

B. Mk IV Highball
DK290/G A&AEE, Boscombe Down April 1943 was a one-off conversion for testing of Barnes Wallis' spinning bomb theory by A&AEE. Highballs were to be used by 618 Squadron in a secretly planned attack on the German Battleship, Tirpitz. However supplies of the aircraft arrived too late and the attack was shelved. 617 Squadron Lancaster’s eventually completed the task of sinking the famous battleship, ironically with Mosquito Pathfinders in attendance

B. Mk XVI Bulged bomb bay - Perspex nose
'P3-D' ML942 of number 692 Squadron, No8 group (PFF) RAF, Gravely, March 1944.


As well as the new aircraft and liveries, this upgrade pack also contains extra liveries for the main Mosquito package (DVD-ROM or Download version).

'HS-F' DK333 'Grim Reaper' OBOE marker of 109 Squadron No 8 group (PFF) RAF 1943, flown by Fg Off Harry B Stephens and Fg Off Frank Ruskell DFC, Wyton, January 1943

FB.  Mk VI
'OB-J' RF668 of 45 Squadron RCAF, flown by Flying Officers Frank Scholfield and Reg 'Taffy' F Russell based at Jaori, June 1945


As well as the new aircraft and liveries, this upgrade pack also contains extra liveries for Photo-Recon & Radar - Upgrade pack B. These liveries become available automatically if you already own pack B or if you purchase it at a later date.

'S' N5591 25th BG, Photo-reconnaissance, 8th USAAF 1944. Many international forces used the Mosquito. The USAAF deployed Mosquitoes in photo-reconnaissance roles. This example flew with the 25th Bomber Group of the ‘Mighty 8th’.

'R' NS517
Photo-reconnaissance aircraft of Armee de l'Air, Group 1/31 'Lorraine'. Many international forces used the Mosquito. The French AirForce deployed Mosquitoes in photo-reconnaissance roles in locations such as Africa and Morocco.

Mk 30 Radar
'K' 1 Swedish Air Force with Perspex nose. The Mk30 Night Fighter variant had a radar array fitted in the nose. The array was serviced by opening side hatches and the nose cone. Some examples were produced with a clear Perspex dome over the array. Mosquitoes were formidable night fighters, aided by surprisingly effective (though primitive by today's standards) radar equipment. The version depicted is a Swedish machine, now preserved in a museum.

General features

Each model is faithfully reproduced and contains amazingly detailed animated features. The cockpits are equipped with the latest 'smooth' gauges for more realism and just about every switch, button and control lever operates with the mouse – even the crew doors open with the lever! Everything is historically and technically authentic right down to the panel bolts and brackets.

In the bomber versions, the 'bomb room' is equipped with a working bomb sight, bomb-arming switches and bomb trigger. Even the emergency axe hangs on the fuselage wall!

The exterior models are finely detailed, with correct movement for the flaps, radiator shutters, rudder and elevator trim tabs, bomb doors and more. The landing gear is detailed down to the brake lines and hydraulic actuators.

In this package we have provided a good spread of aeroplanes with known histories. For the more adventurous, there is a full paint kit included so you can to finish your Mosquito variant in the scheme of your choice.

Superb animations

  • Sliding windows
  • Opening crew doors (operated with the mouse in the cockpit)
  • Operating clear-view quarter lights
  • All switches and controls in cockpit, including weapons bay door control and bomb jettison are operable
  • Working armour plate headrests, map table, shutter door controls, and all flight controls realistically animated
  • All radios are faithfully reproduced and a working ADF loop system is also included for those versions equipped with the system
  • Fully-featured and functional instrument panels.
  • The Bomb Aimer's station is fully equipped with bomb-arming switches and bomb release
  • 'Working' F24 Camera in PR (Photo Reconnaissance)
  • Fully animated, realistic 'blinking' pilot
  • The airframe has correct flap operation, rudder and elevator trim tabs and the correct gear retraction sequence
  • Bomb doors open to reveal accurately modelled bomb loads and fuel tank systems
  • Authentic texture schemes for all aircraft.

High quality sound set

  • Authentic sounds for the Rolls Royce Merlin

Superb effects

Many novel effects will be included, such as the dropping of ordnance, smoke effects and more. Please note that a dropped weapon will not 'destroy' any objects, as Flight Simulator does not have this function.

"The virtual cockpit is well appointed... a nicely shaped 3D model... a wealth of details... The real treat occurs when you fire up the engines... it is obvious that a lot of hard work went into the research, development, and creation of the unique VCs that include such things as radar scopes, bombsights and reconnaissance ports and cameras" PC Pilot

"The list of features and animations is long and impressive... The external models in this package are just excellent... It performs and behaves as it ought to and as the specifications suggest it will... The exhaust note of the Merlin is unmistakable and very well done... Feels authentic and right in almost every respect" Mutley's Hangar

"A very beautiful rendition of this Air Force fighter-bomber – superb liveries, very accurate 3D model... The 3D model is perfectly faithful to the original aircraft" Microsimulateur

"The Mosquito’s visual models are astonishing for their detail, accuracy and correct perspective... It looks good, flies nice, sounds great... Mosquito is highly recommended and is a product that will provide endless hours of interest and fun... Good frame rates compared to other complex add on products"

"A tremendously involved and intricate piece of simulation software that will hold your interest and challenge your skills for quite some time to come... If you like military aircraft of any kind, this is one you must have!" Cyber Skies

System Requirements:

  • Mosquito Base Pack (DVD-ROM or Download) (NB - you will need our Mosquito add-on to be able to add these additional packs.)
  • Flight Simulator X or FS2004
  • PC with 3.0GHz equivalent or higher processor
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 128Mb 3D graphics card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • 500Mb hard drive space
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Packshot for Mosquito Special Ops - Upgrade Pack A This expansion pack for the Just Flight Mosquito (Download or Boxed edition) focuses on the more unusual Special Ops type of Mosquito aircraft designed for special roles or missions.

It includes four model types and four liveries, as well as two new liveries for the Mosquito base pack aircraft and three to install if you have the Mosquito Photo-Recon & Radar Upgrade Pack B.

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