Lancaster (Download)

Compatibility: Flight Simulator 2004

Lancaster is supplied in a variety of variants and liveries and all come with detailed crew stations that you can select to fly the aircraft from; historic scenery of some of the more notable locations that the Lancaster is associated with is also included. As a fantastic bonus a fully featured de Havilland Mosquito is included for your reconnaissance/Pathfinder flights.

This simulation illustrates life aboard Bomber Command's most famous bomber. Whilst it is impossible to re-create the experience of the real thing, Lancaster is the most accurate and evocative simulation of a Lancaster on 'ops'. Many new special effects have been created to add to the excitement and realism whether you choose to fly as pilot, navigator, radio operator/gunner or bomb-aimer.

The Avro Lancaster is probably the most iconic heavy bomber of WWII and rates alongside the Spitfire as one of the most recognised. The supreme combat aircraft designers at Aeroplane Heaven have carefully crafted this aircraft with due respect and memory to the tireless crews who flew in them.

Detailed features

16 aircraft

  • Lancaster Mk1 "Standard" - 3 liveries
  •  Lancaster Mk1 "Special" 617 Dambusters with Upkeep mine (bouncing bomb) - 2 liveries
  • Lancaster Mk1 "Special" with Grand Slam ('earthquake') bomb - 1 livery 
  • Lancaster MkII with Hercules radial engines - 2 liveries
  • Lancaster MkIII "Standard" with 'H2S' radar installation - 2 liveries
  • Lancaster MkIII Aeronavale - 3 liveries
  • Battle of Britain Flight BMF in modern configuration - 1 livery
  • Lancaster prototype - 1 livery
  • de Havilland Mosquito - Pathfinder/Recon

Scenery of RAF Scampton

The Lancaster is supplied with four main aircraft selectable virtual cockpits. Each Pilot station is equipped with ALL-NEW 'smooth gauge' technology for added realism!

  • Pilot and Navigator Stations
  • Pilot, front turret and bomb-aiming stations
  • Navigator, Radio Ops
  • Pilot station only

High quality sound set - relive the heady sounds of the massive engines.

Superb animations

  • Operating sliding windows
  • Operating rear crew door revealing flare chute
  • Operating clear-view quarter lights
  • All switches and controls in cockpit including weapons bay door control, bomb jettison are operable
  • Working armour plate headrest, swing out Radar kit, Navigators seat and folding engineer's seat
  • Fully functional Engineer's panel
  • Working turret controls to pan the turret and elevate the guns from the turret virtual cockpit
  • The Bomb aimer's station is fully equipped with working auto-turn control, bomb arming switches, timers, bomb computer, and bomb release
  • Retracting Landing lights
  • The airframe has correct flap operation all highly detailed, working automatic elevator counter mass tabs, rudder trim tabs and the correct gear retraction sequence
  •  The mid upper turret rotates and the guns elevate and depress correctly to match the anti-strike track on the collar
  •  Full crew figures (depending on the variant selected) with animated pilot, bomb-aimer and mid-upper gunner
  • Operating bomb bay doors with fully detailed bomb loads

Superb effects

  • Bombs can be armed and will drop properly and realistically with a characteristic 'wobble' on the smaller 250 and 500 pounders
  • The Upkeep mine will spin and drop
  • The Grand Slam will drop realistically

Please note that the weapons will not destroy any objects as the Lancaster product is hosted in Flight Simulator 2004 which does not have this function.

"Just Flight's recreation of the Second World War's most famous heavy bomber is breathtaking... The sound of the four Rolls-Royce Merlin engines is an audible orgasm and even the instructions are a perfect recreation of the real pilot's notes." The Observer newpaper - Digital Culture section

"The best simulation of this plane available for FS2004"

"A worthy tribute to an awe-inspiring aircraft!" PC Pilot (Classic award, Issue 43)

"This package is a very rewarding experience... you are experiencing a classic from a time gone by and Aeroplane Heaven with Just Flight have captured this superbly."

"Just Flight have again produced another winner with this latest release, it''s very hard to concede any fault and although I try to be as fair and honest with my thoughts about all flight simulation products, this latest  title is very good indeed"

"Once again, Just Flight have done a brilliant job in giving us something that is fun to fly and yet requires a high degree of skill to operate, getting the most out of what the simulation is capable of"

"A first class piece of work... an aircraft that is a real pleasure to fly" PC Flight

"An extremely enjoyable simulator experience that is quite stunning in its scope" Aviation News 

"An enjoyable and educational experience. It fully captures the  sight and sound of this magnificent aircraft." PC Pilot (Issue 58)

System Requirements:

  • Flight Simulator 2004
  • Pentium IV 2GHz PC
  • 512Mb RAM
  • 32Mb 3D graphics card
  • Windows 2000/XP
  • 900Mb hard drive space
  • Monitor capable of 1024 x 768 resolution
PEGI rated 3
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Packshot for Lancaster (Download) Lancaster is the most accurate and evocative simulation available of a Lancaster on 'ops', whether you choose to fly as pilot, navigator, radio operator/gunner or bomb-aimer.

This legendary bomber is supplied in a variety of variants and liveries, all with detailed crew stations from which you can choose to fly the aircraft. As a fantastic bonus, a fully featured de Havilland Mosquito is included for your reconnaissance/Pathfinder flights.

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