Flying Club R44 Helicopter (Download)

Compatibility: Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004

The R44 - one of the most popular General Aviation helicopters in the world - has been modelled in extremely high detail, based on extensive research on the actual real-world aircraft.

This package includes the skid-equipped R44 Raven II, and the fixed utility AND emergency float equipped R44 Clipper II.

The aircraft is supplied with a set of unique tools to customise and enhance your rotary flying experience.

NEW! All the aircraft in the Flying Club range have now been fully updated to the latest Flight Simulator X SP2 and DX10 preview specifications. Existing ownsers can get details of how to update their aircraft from the Support section on this website.


2 standard livery styles, as well as a fantastic selection of real-world liveries.
Unique Nation Selection tool lets you fly the aircraft in UK, American, German and French, Swiss and Dutch registrations - giving a total of 221 variations!

Simply click to show or hide your passengers in the Virtual Cockpit.

With the engine off and the 'park' icon clicked, the pilot and passenger figures are removed, the manoeuvring wheels are in place on the skids, the main rotor tie-down is secured to the rotor and the rotor moves up and down gently in the breeze.
Custom sound set - inside and out - developed from the real aircraft.
Animated pilot figure - he moves as the controls move, and passengers move their heads to look around.

Operating emergency floats - lift off from a hard surface and fly along with the floats packed, and you can then operate the floats that pop out already inflated to land on any water surface.
Unique in-sim checklist that needs just one click to display the reverse side. The checklist shows the normal operations checklists and operational limitations.

The custom flight model reflects the performance of the real aircraft as closely as possible in FSX and is further enhanced by default for users who have FSX Service Pack 2 or the Microsoft ‘Acceleration’ add-on pack installed. Users of the FS2004 version can make the choice between a custom ‘Normal’ flight model that behaves well under general flight conditions and an 'Expert' flight model that is more realistic in certain more extreme flight areas.
High-quality aircraft textures and a fully detailed interior give you that 'real feel'.

Immersive virtual cockpit with mouse-clickable instruments, levers and knobs and operating cyclic; collective with throttle and mixture controls.

Click to hide/show the collective, passengers and GPS unit in the Virtual Cockpit for easy viewing of instruments and controls. Even the cyclic can be clicked to remove the passenger side of the control as well as the port tail rotor pedals!

Realistic 2D instrument panel.

Full set of custom gauges and annunciator lights.

Authentic animations - main and tail rotor rotation and pitch, swash plates, tail rotor pedals, cyclic control, collective and rotary throttle, all four cabin doors, port and starboard engine bay access doors.

Small but important items have been modelled in great detail - door hinges, door air vents (they even open and close!), Nav radio antennas, rotor heads, skid wheel attachment points, fuel caps, Nav lights, operating emergency landing lights, door handles and more.
AeroPaint texture utility - create new liveries or edit the existing ones (external paint program required).

Operating lights - navigation, flashing strobe, landing and emergency landing. 

Realistic cockpit operations

  • Unique - the aircraft has altimeters that change from Milibars to Inches in the pressure setting window, depending on which International settings you have set in Flight Simulator. A simple mouse click enlarges the altimeter.
  • Individual Avionics can be turned ON or OFF
  • Overhead rotor brake
  • Silky smooth gauge operation
  • Engine 'Starter motor engaged' warning light
  • Various other warning lights such as low rotor RPM and Rotor brake
  • Mouse-over tool shows text of instrument name and readings
  • All avionics are available in pop-up windows

Realistic avionics

Highly realistic avionics have been individually developed for this aircraft, based on the equipment fitted in the original machine:

  • Nav/Comm radio
  • Transponder
  • VOR indicator

System operations

Authentic aircraft systems provide an even more accurate flying experience, with full electrical system simulation. 

FSX version extra features

  • Specular and bump mapping as well as FSX-style gauge night lighting! Outside you can actually see the individual rivets, and textures are optimised to give an ultra-real look and feel
  • Multiple additional views taking advantage of the new FSX view system
  • The new FSX gauge lighting system


A comprehensive manual is included in PDF format that fully describes the features and operation of the aircraft, its avionics, panels and gauges. The manual also comes with a descriptive tutorial to enable you to take flight as quickly as possible. In the simulation itself is a checklist for normal operations and this also outlines the operational limitations of the R44 within Flight Simulator.

"An excellent add-on package...very detailed external models and realistic virtual cockpits... excellent value for money... an excellent flight model" PC Pilot (Classic Product Award)

Great attention to detail has been paid throughout the interior... The pilots are perhaps the best I have seen thus far, quite superb... If you are into helicopters you will have to add this to your collection" Mutley's Hangar

"Amazing attention to detail... Animations are outstanding on this model... An excellent product that has a very strong point in attention to detail whether it be the rivets showing on the heli or the gauges having a very good 3D effect"

"Good visual model and animations... Easy to configure virtual cockpit... Lifelike human models... Appealing, realistic sound set"

"Just Flight's R44 stands out among FSX/FS2004 helicopters thanks to its visual quality as much as its faithful flight model" 

"A very fine simulated model of the R44... I would certainly recommend it" PC Flight

"All things considered it's fun to fly the Robinson R44, and both Newbies and Experts will be able to handle it with a bit of practice... It's a visually well made add-on" FS Magazin

"A credible flight sim... should appeal to pilots and non-pilots alike" Blades magazine

"A paradise for detail fanatics... The lighting atmosphere is excellent... A visually excellent rendition, good flight dynamics and a nice package of extra tools make for a great add-on and the award is well deserved." (Award For Excellence)

"Looks magnificent... Clear, brilliant instruments, displays and textures. Nothing is fuzzy or out of focus, no significant fps drop... Outstanding quality of textures... Atmospheric night lighting... Excellent animations" Friendly Flusi

"The same attention to detail has been spent on the VC and cabin as the exterior... I was particularly impressed by the level of animated components in the model... The sound set that comes with the R44 is excellent... Heaps of skins and add-ons in the form of the AeroSelect and AeroPaint make this a classy package" ARNZ (Aircraft Repaints New Zealand)

"The sound set is very good... The exterior fantastic... Overall this is a very good package from Just Flight"

"An inexpensive introductory helicopter with little compromise on flight dynamics. Coupled with loads of animations and visual features, this package is great value" PC Pilot Essential Guide to GA Aircraft

System Requirements:

  • FS2004 or Flight Simulator X (Acceleration/SP2 compatible and SP2 DX10 Preview compatible) 
  • Pentium IV 1.8 GHz PC
  • 512Mb RAM (1Gb For Windows Vista)
  • 64Mb 3D graphics card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • 1Gb hard drive space
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Packshot for Flying Club R44 Helicopter (Download) This Flying Club R44 package includes the skid-equipped R44 Raven II and the fixed utility and emergency float-equipped R44 Clipper II.

You can fly the aircraft in UK, American, German and French, Swiss and Dutch registrations, and features include a virtual cockpit and 2D panel with custom gauges, 'in sim' checklist, custom sounds, authentic animations, highly realistic avionics and cockpit tooltips.

Download size: 144 Mb (learn about downloads)

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