C-130 Hercules FSX UPGRADE

Compatibility: Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004

This upgrade installs the FSX-compatible version of C-130 Hercules if you already own the Just Flight FS2004 version of the aircraft.  

To install this upgrade you will need the disc from your original copy of C-130 Hercules for FS2004.

C-130 Hercules is the result of over 6,000 hours of meticulous development and is undoubtedly the most sophisticated re-creation of a military aircraft to grace the simulated skies. Staggering graphics and a superb array of detailed animations are mated to an accurate flight model that has been tested by Hercules crews. It has now been in for a major refit at the Captain Sim development studio and returns fully reworked for Flight Simulator X with Acceleration, SP2, DX10 Preview and Vista compatibility.

This package includes E, H J and Gunship variants in 28 authentic liveries. C-130 Hercules also includes a huge printed manual and is fully licensed by Lockheed Martin and the Royal Air Force.

  • Hundreds of custom animations
  • Modelled using the latest software toolkit to ensure full compatibility and make use of the wide range of new features available in FSX
  • 12 Hercules models, including the spectacular JATO (Jet Assisted Take Off) Blue Angels show aircraft and the formidable USAF 'Spectre' Gunship
  • Highly Detailed Flight Deck, Cargo Cabin and also a Combat Deck on the AC-130 Gunship. The Flight Deck and the Cargo Cabin/Combat Deck are connected via a stairwell so you can actually 'walk' between them in FSX
  • Exclusive visual effects include Infra-Red Launchers, Engine Starting, Engine Smoke and Fuel Dump
  • Extensive printed manual (over 250 pages) with comprehensive Just Flight tutorial.

Key features

  • 12 highly detailed and accurate C-130 Models
  • 28 liveries
  • 100+ custom 3D animations
  • Highly detailed 3D Virtual Cockpit
  • 5 high resolution full-screen 2D Panels
  • 17 additional 2D Panels
  • Extensive systems programming
  • Realistic flight model
  • Authentic sound set
  • Exclusive visual effects
  • ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor)
  • Repaint kit
  • Extensive Manual
  • Exterior Model Animation Control Panel
  • Repaint kit
  • 6 preset exterior views (including wing views)

12 C-130 variants

  • C-130E
  • C Mk1 (with refuelling probe)
  • HC-130 (USCG)
  • C-130J (6-blade props)
  • C-130T (with JATO)
  • KC-130 (tanker)                  
  • C-130J-30 (stretched)
  • C.Mk3 (stretched)
  • C-130H
  • C-130H-30 (stretched)
  • L-100-30
  • AC-130 gunship

Liveries for each model

Model AC130 Spectre

  • USAF

Model C Mk.1

  • RAF 80s camouflage (with refuelling probe)
  • RAF Current grey

Model C.MK.3

  • AF Current green (Stretched with refuelling probe)

Model E

  • Australian Air Force
  • Canadian Air force
  • USAF Current Grey
  • USAF 80s camoflage
  • USAF EC-130E Air Combat Command
  • USAF C-130E Air Combat Command
  • USAF C-130 346th TASq/314th TAWg. CCK (Taiwan)
  • USAF C-130 345th TASq/314th TAWg. CCK (Taiwan)
  • USAF C-130 317th TAWg.
  • USAF C-130E Hercules 53rd AS, 314th AW, Little Rock AFB

Model H

  • French Air Force
  • Hellenic Air Force C-130 H, RIAT 2007 scheme
  • Model: H-30
  • Dutch Air Force (stretched)

Model HC-130

  • US Coast Guard

Model KC130

  • US Marine corps

Model L100-30

  • United Nations
  • Lynden Air Cargo C-130 (L100-30)
  • Heavy Lift L100-30

Model J

  • RAF Current grey
  • RAF C-130J Mk 5 'Rough Strip' Configuration

 Model: J-30

  • USAF Current grey
  • Danish Air Force C-130-30 'J' Extra Pack II - Fixed version 2
  • RAF C-130J Mk 4 'Rough Strip' configuration

Model T

  • US Navy Blue Angels (JATO)

Exterior 3D animations

  • Radome
  • Radar dish
  • Ground power unit
  • Forward door
  • Aft doors
  • Emergency escape hatches
  • Emergency exit
  • Flag
  • Air deflectors
  • GTC doors
  • Ground vehicle
  • Cargo ramp
  • Cargo ramp tracks
  • Cargo ramp door
  • Pilots' wWindows
  • Plugs
  • Wheel chocks
  • External tanks
  • Wipers
  • Landing lights
  • Engine oil cooler flaps
  • Propeller rotation
  • Propeller blades pitch
  • Wing flaps
  • Ailerons
  • Rudder elevator
  • Ailerons trim tab
  • Rudder trim tab
  • Landing gear
  • Landing gear doors
  • Wheels
  • Elevator trim tab
  • Nose wheel Steering
  • In-flight refuelling reels (KC-130 only)

Additional features of the AC-130 'Spectre' model

  • Animated multi-sensor platform
  • 2KW Illuminator
  • Pitot sStatic bBooms
  • Black Crow radome
  • Animated radome shield
  • Animated 20MM guns
  • Infrared reconnaissance set
  • Reconnaissance set cooling air intake
  • Reconnaissance set cooling exhaust
  • 7.62 minigun loopholes
  • Animated 40MM automatic gun
  • Beacon tracking radar
  • Animated 105mm gun
  • Illuminator operator canopy
  • Scanner/Observer window
  • Removable engine IR shields
  • Modified Animated Emergency Exit
  • New antennas
  • Ammo rack
  • Used brass collector
  • Consoles operator's compartment
  • Modified aft door windows

Interior model

  • Highly detailed flight deck
  • Cargo cabin
  • Combat deck (AC-130)
  • Extensive systems programming

The Flight Deck and the Cargo Cabin\Combat Deck are connected via a stairwell. You can 'walk' from the Flight Deck to the Cargo Cabin.

2D Panels

The five full-size high-resolution 2D panels feature extensive system programming

  • Left Seat Pilot Panel (1600 x 1200)
  • Right Seat Pilot Panel (1600 x 1200)
  • Lower Overhead Panel (1600 x 1200)
  • Upper Overhead Panel (1600 x 1200)
  • Navigator panel (1600 x 1200)

Plus 14 additional 2D pop-up panels:

  • Simicon panel
  • Radar control panel
  • Radar display panel
  • Radio control panel
  • Throttle quadrant panel
  • Hydralics control panel
  • Ramp and door control panel
  • Autopilot panel
  • Animations panel
  • Notes clip panel
  • Wing flaps control panel
  • SSF/IFF control panel
  • Control wheel panel
  • GPS

Additional features

  • Realistic flight model developed by an experienced flight model designer and tested by a number of C-130 pilots and instructors from all over the world
  • Authentic sound set recorded from real C-130 aircraft
  • ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor) utility

Exclusive visual Effects

  • Infra-red launchers
  • Engine starting
  • Engine smoke
  • Fuel dump

All default MSFS effects are also included

  • Touchdown
  • Contrails
  • Concrete sparks
  • Dirt clouds
  • Fire
  • Water spray
  • Wake

Reviews of the FSX C-130 Hercules release

"This is one of the best FS addons of any description that I have ever had the privilege to review and I would go so far as to say that I doubt anyone will better it as far as  military sims go - the Herc just is pure pleasure and as if that wasn't enough, it runs much faster than I would expect on FSX" FlightSim.com 

"The model is simply breathtaking with a photo-realistic recreation of the actual aircrft. Every line and river of the Hercules is reproduced in exquisite detail culminating in waht is regarded by many as the finest aircraft model ever seen in Flight Simulator." PC Pilot

"A very thorough and comprehensive printed manual... Simply one of the best sound simulations of the Hercules... Flying the C-130 was a joy... A cheap release for what you get... Overall it is a very nice package and works well" Avsim.com

"I was absolutely blown away by the add-ons exterior detail and animated features... In regard to hand flying, the C-130 is quite frankly outstanding... A superb rendition of the aircrafts exterior... Just Flight should be applauded for managing to provide this fine product on DVD at such exceptional value for money... The manual includes everything the flight simulation enthusiast requires in order to operate this iconic military transport" Mutley's Hangar

"The quality of the manuals is excellent... The depth of this sim is quite outstanding... The exterior is simply beautiful... The interior is also stunning... The more than 100 custom animations are detailed and excellent... Such attention to detail, such depth of system simulation, and such a feel of authenticity and quality" Computer Pilot

Reviews of the original FS2004 C-130 Hercules release

"Without doubt Just Flight has a winner on its hands with this package" Aircraft Illustrated

"From nose to tail, inside and out, this is just a superb product... a benchmark that can be used to judge all other FS2004 aircraft add-ons - a five-star gem!" Combat Aircraft

"It soundly beats down any prior MSFS incarnation of the 'Herc' I've ever seen" AVSIM.com

"This Just Flight package in a single stroke takes an already superb Hercules simulation and pushes it off the scale of our reviewing grades. If we had an 'Ultra Classic' award we could bestow for the finest turboprop aircraft, we could perhaps do full justice to this add-on. As it is, our PC Pilot Classic award will have to suffice for such an incredible achievement as Just Flight's C-130 Hercules" PC Pilot

"This is quite simply the finest cargo aircraft we have ever seen in FS2004 and deserves to be regarded as one of the finest FS2004 aircraft of all time" PC Pilot

"There are many high quality and reasonably high priced add-ons avaialble today for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This package of the C-130 from Just Flight must be considered as being in the 'Best of the Best' category. It is crammed packed with features and extras that make it exceptional value in the current market" SimNewz.com

"The reward comes with the detail of artwork put into this product" London-Morning-Paper.co.uk

"I love LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and this is worth every penny of the cost. I can honestly say that this program is packed with professionalism and detail to the most exacting standards... The entire product is offered to the most exacting standard, a bench mark for others to follow" FlightSim.com

"if you are interested in the Lockheed C-130 or military aircraft in general, there is no better place to spend your money!" FS Station.com

"Anyone who has ever visited a C-130 flight deck will get goose bumps when they step inside the VC" Computer Pilot

"Overall, I found the C-130 Hercules package to be brilliant. The details and realism of the entire product makes it a real must-have" PC Flight

"The visual model is second to none - simply stunning... The flight dynamics are better than any other Captain Sim product I've flown which is nearly all of them. In fact, I'd rank it among the best in terms of “feel” in flight... In my opinion, the C-130 is truly a Herculean effort (had to do it, sorry), and very well worth the price tag" ScreenshotArtist.co.uk 

System Requirements:

  • Just Flight's FS2004 version of C-130 Hercules
  • Flight Simulator X (C-130 Hercules is SP2 and Acceleration compatible)
  • 3.0GHz PC (1.8 GHz dual-core)
  • 1.0Gb RAM
  • 128Mb 3D graphics card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • 5.0Gb hard drive space
  • DVD-ROM drive
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Packshot for C-130 Hercules FSX UPGRADE If you already own the Just Flight FS2004 version of this aircraft, this upgrade will install the new and updated FSX-compatible version of the C-130 Hercules.

The FSX version of Captain Sim's awesome aircraft has been modelled using the latest software toolkit to ensure full FSX compatibility and to make use of all the latest features available in FSX. 
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