757 Jetliner FREEMIUM

Compatibility: Flight Simulator X

You can now download this F-Lite 757 Jetliner - a fully fledged 757 simulation that would usually sell for £19.99 - completely FREE!

757 Jetliner has been created by Just Flight's own in-house development team and features an accurate and detailed model of the non-winglet version of the 757-200 in a British Airways livery with Rolls-Royce engines and a custom sound set.

The accurate and detailed external model is accompanied by a high quality interactive 3D Virtual Cockpit with custom FMC (Flight Management Computer), accurate animations, custom flight dynamics, realistic aircraft lighting effects, stunning external textures and the full complement of lighting effects. A comprehensive manual including flight tutorial and FMC guide is also included.


If you'd like to expand the 757 Jetliner experience, you can pick and choose from a range of additional model and livery packs that are on sale by download - see them all on the 757 Freemium Livery Packs page!

Each pack contains two new liveries and, depending on your choice, -200, -300, winglet, non-winglet, RB211 engines, Pratt & Whitney engines, and cargo, passenger or military models. The Pratt & Whitney engine packs have a custom engine sound set included.
Alternatively, you can buy Packs 1-15 and Packs 16-20 in two separate Combo Packs:
Packs 1-15 - Livery Combo Pack 1 
(£19.99 / €24.95 / $29.99)

Packs 16-20 - Livery Combo Pack 2 
(£6.99 / €8.95 / $10.99)

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  • Dedicated FSX design.
    Highly detailed 757-200 exterior model (non-winglet version) with Rolls-Royce RB211 engines
  • High-quality interactive 3D Virtual cockpit (VC)
  • Custom-coded FMC (Flight Management Computer)  
  • Accurate animations
  • Comprehensive manual including flight tutorial



  • Operating passenger and baggage doors
  • Full flyable virtual cockpit
  • Specular map to give realistic light effect on aircraft
  • A great set of bump maps to give a more realistic 3D feeling to the livery
  • Multiple viewpoints


  • Custom Virtual Cockpit with mouse clickable operations
  • Overhead, throttle quadrant and radio stack panels
  • Custom Flight Management Guidance system


  • Uses the default FSX payload and fuel editor for ease of use and reliability
  • uses the default FSX flight planner and Navigation Log for accurate flight/fuel planning
  • use of Navpoints (NDB, DME, VOR, WPT), in the Microsoft Flight Simulator database
  • Radio and Navigation frequency entry
  • V-speed calculation
  • 'Direct to' waypoint features
  • Progress display
  • Estimated fuel on board, and more


757 Jetliner has a custom coded Flight Management Computer (FMC) to assist you with functionality that many flight simmers miss on the default FSX aircraft:

  • Flight Plan pages: load and activate pre-made FSX flight plans without having to leave the cockpit; track the route, get an overview about distances and arrival times to the next waypoint en route and your destination
  • Modify your route and save it
  • Cockpit Navigator pages: easily switch (open/hide) panels via the FMC
  • Checklist pages: Access the 757 checklists and work them off with FMC help, showing you matches/mismatches between required checklist items and current aircraft settings.
    Only when all aircraft settings match the checklist requirements will the checklist will be completed and closed.
  • Aircraft/ flight status page, showing date/time, coordinates and some general aircraft information on one glance (flaps status, gear status, fuel status, lights etc.)
  • The FMC can hold two flight plans - an active flight plan and a standby flight plan. You can load a flight plan direct as the active flight plan (for immediate use) or you can load it as standby flight plan and set it active later. You can have an active and a standby flight plan loaded at the same time, so that you have an alternate route in case you need to change plans. With both flight plans you can add and remove waypoints.


A highly detailed and authentic British Airways livery in super-resolution


  • Baggage doors
  • Passenger doors linked to FSX jetway animations
  • Realistic thrust reverser animation
  • Engine fans
  • Rotating wheels
  • Undercarriage
  • Nosewheel steering
  • Fully animated control surfaces - flaps, rudder, elevators, spoilers, leading edge slats and spoilerons
  • Special effects - touch-down tyre smoke effects and fire/sparks from the rear underbelly when you over-rotate


  • Highly detailed texture mapping without compromising frame rates
  • 24 highly detailed and authentic international airline liveries in super resolution
  • FSX DX10 preview compatible
  • Bump mapping
  • Specular maps
  • Night maps


  • Red anti-collision beacon
  • White flashing wingtip strobe lights
  • Coloured wing tip and tail Navigation lights
  • Cockpit light
  • Tail logo light
  • Passenger windows lighting


Custom flight dynamics designed to make this 757 an enjoyable and authentic experience, with fuel and weight stations based on actual 757 references.


  • RB211 engine sound set
  • Employs FSX Sound cone system

"Flight Deck instrumentation is nicely presented... Instrument lighting is outstanding... A well executed model with a host of features... This 757 exceeds expectations for the performance and features of a free download... One should not complain about a free aircraft but even without that premise one would be hard pressed to find much to carp about with this 757 Freemium... There is simply no excuse not to add it to your hangar" Avsim.com

"It is a step up from the default aircraft, but not to an intimidating level such as high-end add-ons. If you want to open FSX and do a quick flight, but not in one of the default airliners, then this is the perfect aircraft... Gauge clarity in the VC is good at all zoom levels... The 2D panels are good quality and provide quick and easy access to different parts of the cockpit... The aircraft performs well and shouldn't give you any grief with frame rates... Well written seventy page PDF manual" VFRReviews.com

System Requirements:

  • Flight Simulator X (SP2 and Direct X 10 preview compatible)
  • 2.5 GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • 512MB RAM
  • 128MB graphics card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • 250 MB hard drive space 
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Packshot for 757 Jetliner FREEMIUM Download this fully fledged F-Lite 757 simulation that would usually sell for £19.99 - completely FREE!

757 Jetliner Freemium features a detailed model of the non-winglet 757-200 with Rolls-Royce engines in a British Airways livery. The aircraft comes with a high quality 3D VC with custom Flight Management Computer, an impressive sound set, custom flight dynamics, realistic lighting effects, stunning external textures and a comprehensive manual.

Download size: 149MB (learn about downloads)

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